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Hi there...Is it too late to start again?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by farkus, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. In a past life...I remember commuting to work on a Kawasaki LTD 250, and found it quite enjoyable (cheap too) ....not forgetting the cold, rain and wind!
    Then along came other priorities (I'm gabbling it out now). The bike was sold and that was that.....
    Fast forward 20 years....
    Now at 42, I'm looking for something new. I occasionally have this dream of touring around the country...I'm sure there are many doing this as I write. Whenever I'm driving my car and see a group out on a social ride/tour, I get twitchy and restless....

    This could only mean one of three things:

    A. I need psychiatric help
    B. I need to get myself another bike... start a new exciting social life in the company of you good people...stop dreaming and do that tour!
    C. All of the above

    That said...I'm totally bewildered by all the types and makes of bikes out there. How the hell can anyone make the RIGHT choice? One could literally spend years test riding!
    This is where I'm hoping for some feedback...
    Comfort and versatility are my main wants. My height is 5'7". I'm NOT after neck snapping horsepower....I've always been more interested in the G spot than G force....those rear tyres must get expensive! I'm interested in the scenery, so I like to cruise (ok...a little bit naughty sometimes).
    Social rides, national parks, semi rough fire trails etc. Commuting to work and the dream tour to wherever!
    Initial research has me in love with the BMW F650 GS series.
    Am I on the right track?
    Any thoughts appreciated.
    Have a nice day all
    Regards :grin: