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Hi there great site here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sked, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Been reading other members post for a while now.i have had my riders licence now for about 12 years first bike was a gpx250. had it for 3 years then along came the family :grin: away went the bike :(
    then after several years of watching every bike go past,watching children grow up ,reading bike mags and dreaming, the boss said why don't you buy another bike :grin: yeh ha
    so I've ended up with a yzf600r, 1998 model.I've had it for about 1month now mainly traveled to and from work and any other reason i can find.
    want more can i say i love being back on the bike.
    great site

  2. Welcome Steve. You all have fun now, ya hear. :p
  3. Steve which Steve is this... You should really update your profile so we know where your from etc. :LOL:

    P.S. Welcome
  4. welcome back steve - hope you enjoy the site
  5. welcome sked. the newcaslte riders are riding fairly frequently nearly every weekend, stay tuned to the nsw event forums and the calendar for rides & events in your area.

  6. Steve, pull up the lounge and make yourself at home! A returning rider, and from the heart of motocross and enduro country, no less. Welcome.

    Dante said it all; pick up on the Newcastle rider's posts and join in; some of us can actually ride :LOL:
  7. yes it is a great site, petty about some of the tools that come and go. :shock: But i trust you will enjoy your stay. Oh and just incase you were wondering, yes Hornet loves the site.. :grin:
  8. thanks for the replys hope to be joining in on some of these ride days. what i have notice that hasn't change is that no matter how many riders go past in the opposite direction they always acknowledge your there.
    yeh blue12 i have notice that hornet loves the site.

  9. Hiya Sked, welcome to NR

    YZF600R eh? I gots me one of them thundercats, bloody awesome beasts!!
    great commuters, great lightweight tourers, good fun on a track day to boot, I doubt you coukd have done better for your first bike back

    Catch ya around the forums