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Hi there,,,Finally!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by streetmaster, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Sorry I havent gotten around to introduce myself here, Just slipped my mind!
    Been on a few Tuesday night rides & Saturday all dayers & always been made most welcome. Can only come out to play every 2nd week as I have my twin 6y/o alternate weeks.
    Riding an XVS 650 V Star (bought new 12 months ago) & getting the bug for a sports bike,,, Maybe a ZX6 (or 10!) for a Christmas present to myself!!

  2. and heres a late welcome for you :)
  3. A mouldy HiDee HoDee & welcome! (well it has been sitting on the been waiting :p)
  4. Hi and welcome to NR
  5. Welcome Streetmaster.

    Come up and say g'day if you see me at one of the rides. I'm on a silver VFR.

  6. Hey mate!

    Looking forward catching up on a ride again soon.
  7. Hi and welcome :p
    nice choice of ride
    another xvs 650 rider here (custom tho)
  8. Welcome streetmaster.

    Are you new to bikes, or just to Netrider. I'm back on after 12 years away and loving it. Enjoy the riding and the company.

    Why are we not satisfied with our bikes? I got a CBR600F3 recently and while it is a great bike within my budget, I am hanging out for a tourer (I had a GTR1000 previously).

    6yo twins. Must be a barrel of laughs. Boys or girls? How do they cope going between between houses?

    I understand the week on, week off approach to bikes, and other things. I have two kids as well, each second week. They have settled into the routine now, and I have too. I wish people would consult my diary before they schedule rides! :) Both kids like going on the back though. But how will I say "You are NOT buying a bike!" when they get their licence? Do as I say, not as I do!

    Enjoy your riding. And you kids too.

  9. Hi all & thanks for the welcomes.
    Getting back into riding after a 15 year break (where did the time go?) Had an old Ducati Street Scrambler POS!! but it got me around & never let me down.
    It was in the days of seperate licences & I let it run out (accidentally) so I have had to get my licence all over again & go back to a LAMS bike for the first year! (sux duluxe)

    As far as the twins go, I hit it lucky,,, one of each! They both want to go for a ride, but can only go around the back yard at the moment.
    They cant wait 'till they're 8! I have trouble keeping them off the bikes (mine, girlfriends & atm, Unco's Ninja) I've got an old Honda Dax I've been meaning to restore, might have to get onto that!

    Looking forward to catching up on a ride soon, probably this coming Saturday, who cares what the weatherman says!
  10. Welcome, good to see you survived the tuesday night rides...


  11. "Survived Tuesday night rides"
    The Tuesday night rides are supposed to be learner rides,so I thought a nice relaxing ride for me to tag along on.
    I must say there are some 'learners' out there that need to take a step back & 'learn'.
    Some of them were blasting past me on a 650 with them on their 250's!!
    At night , down Kew Boulevard!!

    & to answer your "errr??" I play with my kids the weekends that I'm not riding!!