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Hi there evreyone fun-times-4-all here.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fun-times-4-all, May 22, 2007.

  1. Hmmm well this is my first time in the world of two wheels so hoping to have some real great fun and at the same time meet some great people. :p

  2. fun-times-4-ALL??? What's the recipe??

    J/K, Welcome to Netrider, where the fun never ends :).
  3. Cranny, cool.
    your almost close enough to be one of the Gippy crew :grin:
  4. Welcome. :biker:
  5. oh you poor soul :LOL: welcome btw
  6. maybe I am close enough

    hmm thanks woodsy think you already know me lol so know what sort of fun you have.
  7. Hiya fun-times-4-all and welcome!

  8. Re: maybe I am close enough

    see ya in 3 weeks then :grin:
  9. Almost a Gippy rider? He's/She's in Cranny - that's good enough for me! Quick, claim him/her before the city folk do!

    Welcome to netrider fun-times-4-all...hope to see you out on a ride soon.

  10. If it's who i suspect she's definatly a she :grin:
  11. am i a she hmmm

    yep rosie i am definately a she :grin: and thanks for wanting me in your crew but dunno might get picked up by the city crew as well lol yeah I wish lol
  12. No way, you have to belong to our neck of the woods, we really know how to party [​IMG]
  13. ok cruisingal guess you have twisted my arm looks like I'm gunna party with the gippy crew, watch out I'm a bit of a party animal lol :butt:
  14. LOL. NO SHIT

    Lisa will fit right in Leeane, and guess what !!!!!!!!!!!

    She's a scruber :grin:
  15. Re: maybe I am close enough

    does that mean she is coming to eden :LOL:

    welcome to NR lets hope you dont get turned off too quickly :rofl:
  16. Re: maybe I am close enough

    Nope, she dosent have nearly enough experiance for the trip (unless she cages)
    U Know i luv teaching learners BUT this wont be a trip for a full newb
  17. qbnspeedfreak no i'm not goin to eden just an in joke lol re cya in 3 weeks
  18. :cry: :cry: :cry: :wink: :p :LOL:
  19. ok girls please fill me in re the scrubber should I hit him when I meet him lol
  20. :dance: Aye me hearties, glad to have another on board :LOL: