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Hi there everyone. In Brisbane and considering a scooter.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by EclipseoftheDarkSun, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. What's required for a 33 yr old person with a manual car license to be qualified to ride a large scooter (125cc or bigger)? They seem to be considered to be in the motorcycle class of vehicles up here?

    What rego/third party insurance etc applies to such a vehicle?

    Mainly going to use one as a commuter vehicle.

    Any useful advice/threads on this forum for someone who's only ridden bicycles regularly before?

    Thanks for any helpful advice you can give me. :moped: :woot:
  2. Welcome to the mad house!!

    You need to get a restricted motorcycle license to ride anything over 50cc. Contact a Q Ride training service in your area - listed on QT website. If you've had your Qld open license for over three years, you can get your bike license in one day. Registration is the same as a bike
  3. Thanks for that.

    What are the drawbacks of a 50cc for a large rider? Is it mainly greater wear and tear and slower speed than a larger cc bike.
  4. a 50cc will crawl from a 40km/h on slightly uphill roads to a 65km/h on straights and downhill. And that after you "play" with them ( i got a sb50 exactly for that reason, i only needed to disconnect a cable and it got derestricted!!)

    50cc are only good for 60km/h streets. Anything more than that and you need +100cc

    Just pick one that has good back suspension..

    Ex-Posties bikes are great at that price, have the best suspension.. If you don't care getting a second hand, then go after one!!!
  5. Hmmm 100+cc then I guess. Thanks.

    What brands are highly recommended?
  6. If i remember correctly, GC has lots of places where you can rent a bike,

    3030 Gold Coast Hwy, Surfers Paradise
    Phone: 07 5592 0227

    Mopeds in Paradise
    2989 Gold Coast Hwy, Surfers Paradise
    Phone: 0427 640 042

    Queensland Coastal Car & Bus Rentals
    3030 Gold Coast Hwy, Surfers Paradise
    Phone: 07 5592 0227

    Scoot 'N' Toot & Moped City
    Phone: 07 5592 5878

    Yahoo Car & Bike Rentals
    88 Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise
    Phone: 07 5592 0227

    why don't you go there and have a go, that way you can ride the whole day and get an idea about whats good for you. Or just test ride for 10 min at any dealership..

    Bolwell has three years warranty and the fourth year parts only. That very good .. But i have not tested any of their scoots.
    Noosaville (2hours+ away from you) Scooter Style 175 Noosa Eumundi Road hires bolwell for $65..

    Bolwell VS125 is up for #$3000 + ORC etc
    But my partner got a secondhand GN250 for $2000 and a mate got a cbr250rr for $4000. So on a bike, the price you pay for a new one and warranty is double from what you would pay for the same bike second hand..

    Regardless what you are thinking, you have to go and ride them. Thats the only way you will know what to do..
  7. Thanks for the tips. I'll certainly be considering them closely.