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Hi there!...commuting advise from Bowral

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sandmonster, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Hi there

    I'm a recently qualified L rider (P's test next month) who does the daily commute to work in Sydney on a TGB scooter. Loving it so far!

    Quick question to those regulars here....where would the best place be to post a thread on "commuting from Bowral experiences?" The family is possibly considering a move from Sydney to Bowral within the next few years. Research so far says the commute is pretty long during peak hours...even on the train (2hrs plus).....is it any faster on a motorbike?


  2. It will be much faster from just south of Campbelltown in. The traffic crawls from there.

    Personally I wouldn't advise it, however. If you are going to move, either look for a different job or catch the train. I did Liverpool to Mascot for years and then Liverpool to Fairford Rd for many years after that.

    It might be entertaining for a few months, but after a bit, it will just be a chore.

    And you will need a bigger bike to do the bit from Bowral to campbelltown. I advise fully faired (think BMW rather than sports jap), as there are not many dry morning between Bowral and Mittagong and it gets very cold in winter down there.
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  3. Cheers ibast, thanks for the info and tips...definitely will get a bigger bike if it turns out to be feasible.
  4. Have to agree with ibast, I work in Mittagong two days a week and the bad weather days far outweigh the good one. Plus the Hume would have to be the most boring commute in the known universe....