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Hi there - and sorry...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by flower, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. I'm seeing all these people introducing themselves and thought i should do the same... I kinda started posting the other day without an intro.... SORRY!!!

    I'm Vicki, I'm 28 and live in Mackay.... so hello!!

  2. Welcome Vicki. I guess you already know that this is a great place, so stick around and have some fun!

    (Whatd'ya ride???)
  3. Hi vik,

    Welcome to the nuthouse :LOL:

    I lived in townsville for 8 years and spent heaps of time down near mackay, very nice place. :)
  4. Hi Vicky I'm a new poster as well and the boys and girls on here seem okay so welcome from a fellow newby
  5. Hi Hornet. I ride a cbr 600. It's kinda nice.....
  6. Hello Vicki, how rude of you not to say g'day.. :D :D
    welcome to the forums..
  7. I've got your engine in the 250 Hornet frame, it's FUN :D
  8. Hi Vikki. Welcome aboard. :D

    No need to appologise, many of us are deliberately rude. We call it fun. :wink:
  9. Hi flower, welcome to the forums :)
  10. Hi vicky welcome to insane world of netrider where men are men women are women and Groberts is erm............ :shock:
  11. Hi Vicki , welcome . Dont apologise , unless you own an across of course :wink:
  12. Hi Vicki, Welcome to the forums!
  13. Helloa nd welcome abaord :D

    It is really hot here!! I think I am melting
  14. Hi Vicki and welcome to the forums.

    Firestorm. :D :) :D :) :D
  15. Its ok to be jealous of the manbag Midnight, you can only deal with your issues if you admit to them :D

    Oh yeah, Hi Vicki welcome aboard.
  16. Hi there and welcome Vicki. :)

    :D :D