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Hi - the wheels are in motion

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by siri, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. hi guys, i've already posted before asking about where to do my L's. well i haven't booked in anywhere yet BUT i've taken my first step and will be doing a try it session at hart in 2 weeks time.

    so hopefully that will help dull some of my confidence issues. i'm a bit nervous about how hard it will be as i have never even driven a manual car before.

    my plan at this stage is to do this trial session then with the few skills and knowledge i gain from that take my dads old 1976 ts185 up to the farm and start getting use to riding before i go on one of the learners courses.

    i think the few hours they give you should give me a good start plus i'll get a chance to see how comfortable i feel with the people at hart.

    1 step at a time
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about the confidence or lack of experience. When I did my l's I had never ridden a motorcycle before.

    And while driving a manual car will give you the experience of things like 'clutch first, then gear' I personally did not find it that beneficial. I should also tell you that I had minimal experience driving manual cars when I took my licence...

    The instructors were easy on us, got us comfortable with the bikes, the controls, clutch-catch point, etc. And after the class was comfortable with that we moved on.

    (what I am trying to say - if you just showed up for your l's you would probably not have any problems).
  3. Hi Siri and welcome!

    I wouldn't worry about the experience on a bike...I did my L's without ever having ridden before and passsed first time, no problems! I believe that one of the most important things to have when starting out is (apart from balance! :p ) some road sense and practice. It doesn't matter if you've never driven a manual car, just as long as you have some experience driving on the roads you should be fine!

    :D :D :D
  4. The only thing that you really need to be prepared for is the written test...

    I dropped the bike so many times during the 2 days that they had to get me a replacement but when the crunch time came I passed without any issues.
    Everytime I stop I dropped the bike! I found that when I relaxed and look up things fall into place.

    The others didn't get the L's that day coz the failed the written test.

  5. u will love the try it session,iv made two bookings there before for my work mates @ virginblue,all positive feedback.
    u will be sweat.
  6. dont stress its pretty easy dude. go for the 2 day l's course and you'll be fine :)
  7. Actually, it doesn't matter even if you have no road experience - I never drove a car before I got my bike licence, except on the farm (so I knew how to clutch + take off in first... never quite figured out how to get it OUT of first, though :D *grind* :shock: :LOL: )

    Just head out with a healthy sense of paranoia about other road users, listen to your instructors and remember a piece of advice my instructor told me:

    "RELAX for fcuk's sake... We're having FUN, remember?"
  8. As has been said before. Don't worry about training for the 2 day's L course. The course assumes you have never ridden more than a pushbike. If you haven't ridden a pushbike, the motorbike will be more difficult.
  9. thanks for all the encouragement guys :)

    i been driving for about 6 years now so am pretty use to road conditions but will be interested to see what not having traction is like as the car i've driven almost that entire time is a subaru rs which is pretty much a big wrx wagon. so i'd really have to try to get that puppy to not hold on round a corner.

    i've never been an idiot on the road in my car as i've always respected what it is i have in my hands. (though i don't respect my girlfriend pulsar when i try to drive up a hill in it) so i plan on doing the same thing once i get a bike :)
  10. Sorry....I meant to say that I believe that road experience gives you a greater understanding of traffic and keeping yourself safe, etc. Its not essential, but is particularly helpful when you are as vulnerable as you are on a bike.

    :D :D :D
  11. well i did the try it day at hart was great fun :) it's so stupid how your first reaction is to look down. anyway got the hang of just trusting myself and pointed my nose where i want to go. since then have been jumping on dads old trail when ever i get a chance but i ain't got enough room to get up past 3rd gear in the backyard :) (we live on an acre but it's covered in garden not much lawn) anyway will be booking in with hart in a few weeks once i organise my timetable.
  12. Good luck with it Siri, I know you will do well. :)
  13. Hi Siri, welcome to te forums and goodluck with the test!

    I did mine having only ridden for about an hour on a farm 6 months before, so, basically no experience. They teach you everything you need to know there, as well as giving you the time to practice.
  14. What they said - don't panic about it.

    I did my L's (2 day course) without EVER touching a motorbike, nor having ridden a pushie for over 7 years. The most difficult parts, I found, were the written test (and its not tough at all if you do your homework) and the first exercise on the bike - I wobbled all over the place and kept putting my feet down. But I passed first go, no trouble at all. The 2 day course is designed for people with pretty much no knowledge or experience with bikes - perfect for me.

    The only problem in my group was a chap who had to re-sit the written test (and he passed the re-sit).

    A word of more personal advice - do it sooner rather than later!!! 2 reasons - I left it 10 years to actually do mine - I truly wish I'd done ie YEARS ago. Plus, its going to get wetter and colder soon - I'd rather do my course in the dry.
  15. Hi Siri. You'll be fine with your L's and many providers offer L courses to teach people like yourself who've never ridden a bike before. Once you start off I reckon you'll even start to enjoy the day rather than worry about it! Have fun on your "try-it day". :)
    Your driving experience will definately be beneficial to understand traffic movements and what others are capable of doing to you whilst on the road. With two wheels hugging the road instead of four, there are some things to get used to, but that's part of the whole experience and you'll learn quickly. :wink: :D