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Hi Tech Police camera's that detect suspicious vehicles

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by GreenNinja, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Just recently we went to westfields liverpool (sydney) and as we after we got a ticket for the parking. We noticed that there was a police car parked up at our right hand side in a parking space with what looks like a camera sit up.

    Sure enough my friends skyline got pulled over, why because his license was suspended. And how did they know? it was the camera set up.

    What it does is it scans the number plates (letters and numbers) and if anything comes back such as stolen car or suspended or a record on it, It will alert the police and they will pull you over.

    Because of this they can scan thousands of number plates per hour. The boot was open and i saw a laptop and some kinder camera capturing device hooked up to it and pics of peoples number plates (on lapton screen).

    His gotta gotta go to court, I have nothing againest the use of this technology, so beware that your taking a risk when your driving/riding on a suspened license.
  2. this technology has been tracking heavy vehicles for some time.
    the use of some LED's (apparently) can ruin their picture ;)
  3. i think vic roads uses them too because they bust a lot of trucks near my work for various things.
  4. nsw has like 2 or 3 of those, they read your numberplate and check it against the rta database automatically, probably just udated daily on the laptop. if it was his car and he has no license then they probably would have pulled over anyone driving it to see if it was him. pennant hills road gets it fairly regularly
  5. Yeah, I actually have a license and asked him if he wanted me to drive and he said no.
  6. yep they sure do.
    most of it (for trucks) is about fatigue management, logbook lies etc.
    but as with everything, there is always ways around technology and the good-nerds that make the gear are often playing cat and mouse with the bad-nerds that figure out the holes :LOL:

    i only know about the truck thing because i have 9 in my crew, and it is my job to ensure that their fatigue is managed appropriately. apparently truck drivers are not clever enough to know when they are tired :roll:
  7. The ACT coppers have them in their roadside speed testing wagons. However, I've only ever seen ACT cops doing speed checks twice in the 3 and a bit years I've had my licence.
  8. I see ACT speed camera vans every day, usually at least twice a day.
  9. The speed vans aren't run by the cops. That's the ACT government or contractors to them.

    The cops do speed checks with a station wagon with a bunch of lights and cameras on tripods out the back, and then have cops up the road waiting for the ones in the wagon to radio ahead the plates of speeding vehicles.
  10. very real
    Know someone who made databases for these systems
    Its basicly very similar to face recognition. Its recommended by someone i know to flaten your plate, keep it dirty.
  11. Yeah I have seen these in use around Ingleburn NSW, they are very effective for the Police, considering 3 private vehicles were parked on the side of the road so I would say they nabbed a few.

  12. I reckon this is a great use of technology, this will get the losers off teh roads, th eones who don't give a shit about society, it's rules or anyone else they may injure/kill/financially inconvenience.
    Will also get defected cars off teh roads for a second time.
    Maybe this is finally what is needed to show some in society that laws are actually enforced.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. They've had a camera like this in use in Victoria for a couple of years.

    One time they set it up on St Kilda Rd and had the cars pulled over about 500m down the road.
  14. I saw the first one i ever seen in adelaide yesterday. We were down near port adelaide, and they had it set up right before an RBT. So we did a go around so I could perve on this previously before unseen device, then chucked a side street before the RBT... well yeah guess what happened next... They really do patrol side streets. Anyway he pulls us over, no fear we aint been drinking anyway, and I asked him about that strange camera on the footpath I aint never seen before. He more than happily tells us all about it. And yeah, it runs number plates, almost as fast as you can fit them past the thing. The guys in the car radio ahead to the rbt, and by the time you get there, your gooses is well and truly cooked.

    So watch out in adelaide too, specially down around the port.
  15. hey GreenNinja,

    whereabouts in westfield was this boy in blue parked out of curiousioty?

    INSIDE westfield? near what entrance? i've seen them using it on hume highway near the sunnybrook a couple times....
  16. Inside westfields after the boom gates, so when u grabbed tickets for parking, boom gates go up...... SURPRIZE!!!!
  17. Inside westfields after the boom gates, so when u grabbed tickets for parking, boom gates go up...... SURPRIZE!!!!
  18. Inside westfields after the boom gates, so when u grabbed tickets for parking, boom gates go up...... SURPRIZE!!!!
  19. Yeah i'll agree with you here, even though he is my friend, he was doing the wrong thing. Or though i wished that it didn't happen....

    I think his learned his lesson.
  20. This is working in Melbourne too, I saw it in action as part of some work I was doing.

    If you think that's an invasion of privacy, I've just been writing an article about a system the UK government is investigating which can take footage from cameras and produce lip-read transcripts of conversations. Talk about F*cken big brother!