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VIC Hi-tech camera blitz on speeders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. News article today.
    More VIC road user tax.
    Lets all spend our entire trip watching the speedo instead of whats around us. Cameras in these locations will make no difference to the road toll.



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  2. personally i don't think camera's anywhere help all that much. if people are gonna f*** up they'll do it anyways.
  3. revenue raisers mate, always help someone, cant say its always the tax payer
  4. I put up a thread on these camera's months ago.

    Now it's been about 6 weeks since my last trip up the Hume but to the best of my knowledge the last camera is at Broadford.

    1) You are a skilled and handsome/beautiful motorcyclist living in a wealthy 1st world country. You have a full time job and own your bike.
    Do you like speed cameras?

    YES skip to 2.
    NO skip to 3.

    2) That's lucky! We've got heaps of them! Move to Victoria for maximum happiness.

    3) Alas, speed cameras are a way of life in Australia. They do reduce accidents in black-spot zones - their installation is for the safety of the wider community.
    Wouldn't you agree?

    YES skip to 4.
    NO skip to 5.

    4) Excellent! The state approves your support of the Fatherland's traditions. Please continue voting for the party currently in power.

    5) Hmmm, sounds dangerously like you're a free-thinker there! So you don't like speed cameras and disagree with the reasons behind their installation, you cute little anarchist, you.
    You wanna do something about it?

    NO skip to 6.
    YES skip to 7.

    6) Great! Enjoy your time on those internet forums and make sure to master UBB Code tags to show everyone just how
    outraged you are.

    7) Are you above the age of 16?

    NO the end.
    YES skip to 8.

    8) Do you have access to a $5 note?

    NO the end.
    YES skip to 9.

    9) Is spray paint sold in your local vicinity?

    NO the end.
    YES skip to 10.

    10) You wage a war of attrition on government coffers, Sir Spraysalot the Canslinger. Swift actions and speedy getaways ensure you are never caught, as you sever a main artery into a corrupt government with extreme prejudice... and gloss black.
    The maintenance costs of replacing camera lenses grows even larger than the lies fed to the population to get them there in the first place.
    Eventually, the cameras are left unrepaired - testaments to your righteous vandalism. They remain standing, as an impoverished government loathes to spend the money on even a phone call to a scrap metal dealer.
    You fought and won. You are victorious.
    The grateful citizens of the land somehow find a way to shower you with gifts, praise and sexual favours without revealing your identity to the authorities.
    Jesus returns to Earth early, just to shake your hand and thank you for looking after things while he was gone.
    Greenhouse gas emissions are inexplicably reduced by 35%, but you take the credit anyway.

    Truly, you are the king of kings.

  6. Well the cameras are pointing to the front of vehicles it seems, motorcyclists are safe from them for the time being
  7. :rofl:@ ktulu. Too good!
  8. Use cruise control.
  9. Here's a little known fact:

    Speed detection is done via the several turns of wire in the road (see:
    http://www.ustraffic.net/products/detection/Openers.pdf and
    This is often referred to as "the loop". You can think of the loop as a large metal detector and if you want to disable the loop then all you need do is cut or short-circuit the loop.
    A 40mm section of hacksaw blade hammered flush to the road surface at the gutter bitumen junction where the loop channels have been cut into the road may well do this job nicely! or Grab your cordless drill, a 10mm bit and drill down 40-50mm into any part of the channel. This breaks the loop rendering it dead.
    Don't worry about the voltage on the loop, it's very low and fully isolated. These loops present no risk, and don't let anyone scare you into believing otherwise! Still don't believe me ? call the RTA and ask if some loop wires that are semi exposed at your local school crossing are electrically dangerous.

    BTW all of the above is no doubt illegal so don't do it...
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  10. I was thinking about this the other day....

    What a total pile of croc poo.

    Highways, Freeways, Expressways are our safest roads. They are well surfaced, straight, generally have a median seperator and sometimes physical barriers. Yet for the most part in Victoria they have the same speed limit as standard non suburban roads (100kmh). Occasionally they raise the limit to 110kmh.

    Yet the Hume Highway, universally regarded as the most boring road in all Victoriastan is now to have speed cameras set up not to record a speeding motorist being an idiot at a single point, but potentially to catch someone doing 114kmh over a long distance. Seeing as the crazies out there probably won't do high speed averages they may not get caught, however the average rider/driver who is averaging a speed a little higher than the legal limit will get caught.

    This in itself isn't such a bad idea, but is the Hume Highway that bad a road that it requires such dracononian enforcement?
  11. I am more interested in finding out if the cameras are facing backward and forward.
    We have no front plates.
    If they only take a photo of the fornt - we are in the clear!
  12. WRONG.

    Some are front shooting, most take a pic of both ends of the vehicle passing it and don't forget if they start having problems with bikes being missed they will just simply add more rear facing cameras :roll:

    I drive up the Hume on average about 20 times a year and have got into the habit of setting the cruise control right on the speed limit getting ready for them to be turned on. Mind you as soon as I pass the last camera at Broadford I jump up to my usual +10 and instantly increase my chances of crashing by heaps (if you can believe what the TAC keep telling us) :wink:

    The eventual plan is to have a camera network along all the freeways out of Melbourne and all linked together so if you come in from Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, Traralgon or Wodonga and out the other side you'll be monitored all the way through.
  13. The Hume has quite a few accidents each year - it is clearly a dangerous road!

    Unfortunately none of these accidents are speed-related: fatigue is the biggest killer on that road (particularly the Victorian stretch). Ah well. Couple of years down the track and thousands of fines later, we'll still have the same amount of road deaths - possibly more. We'll already know why, but the pollies will no doubt be scratching their heads/arses wondering: "Where did we go wrong?"

    :roll: :roll:
  14. In which case they have achieved exactly what they are designed to do. Wipe of 5 or even 10 for a long distance. Doesn't make it any safer because other factors make more of a difference than 5 or 10k/hr on the freeway, but at least that type of camera is successful at it's job. More so than the single point cameras.

    I still don't have a problem with cameras as long as the rules under which they are applied are equitable ie. a 10% standard for roadworthy speedos should translate into a 10% tolerance on speed detection. It is wrong to have one standard for roadworthy and another standard for enforcement.
  15. So with these point-to-point cameras, its theorically possible to have your
    quick burst of speed between the camera points if you slow right down below
    the posted speed again prior to reaching the next camera?
  16. Just before the cameras flick your indicator on move into emergency lane and look down at your bike ( whats wrong???) :p :p :p
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  17. take a thermos filled with coffee, after the first camera try your luck at 180 then stop in the breakdown bay for a coffee
  18. Ktulu i just wet my self laughing
  19. ... I like the cordless drill thing... :idea:... :-k