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Hi - Question regarding Pre-Learner L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by blackjackx, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. hey guys and gals,

    I just got a few questions regarding the Pre learners course. Firstly what do they ask you to do their and also is it possible to do the computer part of the test before doing the course. I am booked in for the 2nd and 4rd of May for the clyde course as well so any tips/pointers in what to expect will be good. I feel pretty confident since I have ridden on the motorcycle quite a few times before and can do the basics but I would like to know what to expect on the day.
    Thanks :p

  2. expect to be taught everything from scratch. They're very good and patient. Teach you the basics like safety gear, controls on a bike, how to get on and sit on a bike, how to balance on a motorcycle in motion, how to change gears, how to corner...

    you get the picture.. start as if you've never seen a bike before in your life. Really really good way to get started on bikes!
  3. You can't do computer part before the course. You need to pass the course first.

    I assume that it's 2nd and 3rd (not 4rd ;) ), that's exactly the same as me. I'm doing it in the afternoon.
  4. Expect it to be real fcukn easy.
  5. haha yea i meant 2nd and 3rd - thats cool we can meet up there then i guess :p
  6. take your pillow caus u will need it
  7. Ya its all just from scratch.

    From how to get on and off the bike, to right and left hand turns, changing gear into 2nd and such.

    Just listen up, get everything done and enjoy the day, mix with the other people.

    Gotta get that certificate from the course before you do the computer test.

    Let us know how it goes! Good luck and enjoy!
  8. I just did my pre learners riding course last weekend and its pretty easy. Hard to fail but one person actually didnt get his because he couldnt stop properly and hes gotta do the 2nd day again.
    You get taught the basics of all basics!

    Day 1.
    In the classroom learning about equipment and clothing
    Get taught on how to mount and dismount off the bike
    What controls are what.
    How to waddle/walk on your bike while your mounted on it (bike it not on)
    Push eachother on the bikes
    How to use brake and throttle
    Ride around in an oval shape course around witches hats
    How to change gears (only up to 2nd gear)

    Day 2.
    Quick warm up of what you did in day 1
    Learning in the classroom about on how to use keep yourself away from danger
    You learn how to turn properly on how to use the lanes like coming in wide, at the apexi in the middle and then exiting tight inside the lane
    Learn how to do an emergency stop using front and rear and gearing down.

    Umm thats all I can remember at the moment.
    Im sure theres a couple of things I missed but its not hard or anything.
    Most of all enjoy yourself there
  9. well i just did my 1st day at clyde today and it was awesome. Instructor went through all the basics that was soughta boring but the riding was fun. Only thing that scard me was right at the end my bike just died on me lol and i thought i had stalled it lol I tried to start it but it wouldnt lol . Cant wait for 2morrow :p
  10. It seems that everyone in Sydney does theirs at Clyde XD, I did mine last month there as it was the only place that wasn't booked out.
  11. Im suprised people can still get into clyde. Everything in Sydney is booked out for the next 2-3 months.
    I ended up doing mine at loftus.
  12. There are always cancellations within the courses all people have to do is ring up later on and ask what dates there are spots available at etc,