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Hi, pleased to meet you

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Righty, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Hi lads, just thought I would start a hello thread from me.

    I got into bikes about 3 months ago. Im a brisbane lad so a bike was a great alternative to make the trip to work a little more entertaining. The weather is always great and they are cheaper than public transport.

    I road bikes a fair bit as a youngen but never had anything on the road till I did the Q-RIde course.

    I bought a gs 500 (pictured below) as my first bike :D Got run into and am now waiting for my insurance cheque so that I can get sv 650 :D

    Had been an interesting intro to bikes but I love riding.

    ps I came out of that ding without a scratch on me, go figure. Got sandwiched between a car behind and infront. Basically, I stopped in time, the young fello in the pulsar didnt. Only dissapointing thing, besides not having a bike atm, is the fact that I need to pay my insurance premium again becuase the bike is a write off. Mungrels!!

    Anyways, hope to get to know some of you better. Cheers :)

    one more

    You can check out my little bike story on this forum if you like. Pretty well me asking how to get my licence all the way up to getting run into. Kind of a fun read for me now :) http://arse.norbtech.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=5611
  2. .........
  3. OUCH..... that looks so messy, glad to hear you got out of it OK

    Welcome to Netrider, anyway!
  4. g'day mate :) welcome to netrider... unlucky with ya acident mate.... nowhere to go there.... lucky to get out scot-free ... bike didn't look pretty after that :p where bouts in bris was that?? can't quite identify by pics.... nice bike to be gettin next... lookin at those as a possible upgrade later on....
  5. Dont know whether to respond to this as you were only addressing the LADS........oh,ok then, welcome and hope you have better luck for your future riding. :grin:
  6. Welcome Righty :grin:
  7. All righty, [​IMG] Righty
  8. Ha, I meant "lads" in a neutral way........ :LOL:

    It was on stafford road to whoever it was that asked that.

    Just got off the phone from insurer, 5-10 working days for the cheque to arrive and then I can go pick up my new sv650.. Oh.. plus the 3 days for the thing cheque to clear.. ARGH!!
  9. Some badluck there but they are good pics of a perfect reason for lane splitting.
  10. Hey i know that place i live just down the road in the direction you were heading.

    When did it happen i only moved in about 3 months ago
  11. Yeah, still cheeky as all hell though.

    Hi Chappy!

    Welcome, Righty. Hope you're new bike puts a huge grin on your face :grin:
  12. didnt they teach ya's on q-ride pull up 2 1 side and back a lil watching the mirrors and 2 anticipate wankers in cars haha sorry just had 2 have a dig at qld. good 2 see u came out unscaved not sure that i would have been any different in that circumstance.

    welcome from another newbie
  13. :shock: hmmm not a pretty bike now, ill bet your itching for a new one, welcome to the forum!!
  14. Ahhhh that'll buff out no probs...

    Welcome Righty. :wink:
  15. Welcome aboard.. :shock:
  16. Wow, what a shocking way to have to upgrade :?

    Glad you came out of it alright though. Bugger about the insurance. :evil:
  17. Harsh way to upgrade, welcome to the forums Righty.
  18. Glad your alright Righty and welcome, hopefully you've gotten any riding bad luck out of the way nice and early,

  19. Very much looking forward to the new bike. Should have the cheque tomorrow if all goes well. The dealer registered the new bike for me (called to tell me to the Bastard!!). I still need to bank the cheque and then pay the dealer so I dont see that happening this week. It's a bit frustrating, I had the accident on the 15th of December, I thought it would all be sorted by now. I have to say that I have been pretty dissapointed with Swann insurance. Every person I have talked to has been incredibly rude, they havent meet any of the deadlines that they said they would, and I imagine if I didnt give them the hurry up it would have taken even longer. Anyone else had to deal with Swann? Is a month reasonable to get a cheque out?...

    Anyways..I hope that, that is all my bad luck gone for a while now too. I have learnt from the prang. Whilst I didnt do anything wrong I could have done more to aviod being in that position. It's just that the car infront pulled up so quickly. In hind sight I would have just weaved charismatically to the left of the slowing car and let the dude run up the ass of the car instead of me. But hey... I wouldnt be picking up a upgraded bike next week either :)

    Thanks for the welcome, I hope to be reading others stories soon and only sharing good ones from me :)