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hi peoples

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by speedracer hailey, May 1, 2007.

  1. :grin: hi everyone. my names hailey and i just bought my first bike (honda vtr) a couple of months ago. im not really sure how this whole web site thing works so im just tryin to find my way around so if any one has any helpful hints that would be mostly appreciated. Im from the bay and dont know that many riders so if any one is keen to hook up on a sunday and go for a cruise that would be cool. ive done a few thousand km's so far through the hills etc, so i think im starting to got a hang of it. any ways i guess ill start gettin a grip on this whole website thing and hopefully start hearing from some new people soon. catch yas on the flip side.... HAILEY

  2. uuum it does - but you're posting in the wrong forum - i suggest you post a message in the welcome thread if you haven't already.....


    (but welcome anyway)
  3. Welcome hailey. Just a couple of tips to ease your way in and satisfy the grumpies here (not me, of course :).

    Put at least the state you are in in your profile over there
    <--------------- it makes it easier to answer questions abour licensing, capacity of bikes, etc.

    Post this again in the Welcome Lounge and Birthday Greetings forum, cos it isn't really about a specific ride, but about the fact that you want to.

    Have a look for rides in your state (see point one) and read up on them; there are quite a few learner-friendly rides on offer.

    And finally, as I said before, welcome to Netrider, the Friendly Forum.
  4. Hey Hailie, welcome to netrider.. :) yep definately should be in the 'Welcome lounge and birthday greetings thread' :LOL:
  5. What is it with the mini monsters?
  6. Welcome.

    Most people here are sane....

  7. Name the sane ones then?
  8. haha theres plenty of sane people in here, well i think there might be, probably not may i was just to drunk to notice when i met the ones i know :LOL:

    welcome hailey you cant go wrong witha vtr but i think its missing 750cc :LOL:
  9. Hi Hailey! Welcome to netrider! I'm sure this thread will get moved to the welcome lounge soon. A few of us are planning a ride for this weekend, hopefully on Saturday, if you're interested. Check out the 'Learner's ride' thread.

    Just a friendly point hornet600...I notice that your state is not in your profile, just "Back in the 'gong"...wherever that is! :grin: Maybe you should update your own before instructing people to do the same? At least she has the suburb and her state's capital city in her profile... :)

    (edited for spelling)
  10. :eek:wned:
  11. With the exception of yours truely.

    But Welcome Hailey to [​IMG]
    And how awesome it is to see more new SA members again joining!
    How's the Honda VTR going? Had it long? Going to throw us some pics on here or do we have to wait for a [​IMG] cruse to see it in all its glory!

    Anyhow have fun and ride safe!

    Oh and i think we are still meeting up this wednesday ngiht (tongiht) for coffee and soemthing am i right DelusionaL?
    Click here to see updates on where the SA riders are usualy and whats being organised Hailey

    Oh yeah anf Glenelg aint too far from me as im only at Findon. 5 mins away so if you ever wana cruse. just give a yell. Just let me get a new bike battery first.
  12. i like the way u ask me that paul... as if u expect me to be the next in line to answer..

    welcome hailey!

    im in richmond so not far from glenelg, yell out if u want to come in tonight and meet up with a few of us. more than welcome to meet ya before hand and escort ya in to make it easier to meet us all.
  13. Well i was right wasnt i?

    There is not too much im usualy wrong about.

    Hence why i choose to ride a Ducati
  14. woot another south aussie!
  15. Not only another SA'r edgelett, but a chick from Adelaide, you will take over soon you girls LOL. Pft sif :LOL:

    Del, she has been here 2 minutes and you already want to offer your hand... Bit rushy dont you think? :p Keep your hands to yourself...

    Sooooo 21 you say... and from Glenelg... mmm this is getting interesting, ummm yeh... haha nah just kidding... Welcome to the mad house, some crazy sh!t goes on here, so pay no attention. :LOL:
  16. Hello Hailey! :worthlesspics:
  17. :rofl:

    You guys are like seaguls at a beach fish & chip shop!

    :grin: :p :LOL:

    Nah!...your all good blokes!
  18. Hi Hailey, welcome to Netrider :grin: