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Hi peoples

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ageg, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. hey all,

    My names Adrian and i live in Melbourne. Been reading these forums for the past two weeks and this site has been a MASSIVE help for me towards going for my learner motorbike license.

    I've been wanting to get a bike for a couple of years now after riding my mates bike around the backyard and falling off it lol. That was the only time i have been on a bike and since then have been wanting to do it but been delaying it, but finally have decided to go for it in December.

    I have no bike experience whatsoever, so i have booked in a 3 day course to help me out for the test and to get used to everything, once again tho, i think this site has helped me with basic understanding of the throttle/clutch/braking and steering now its just a matter of applying what i have read and doing it on the day.

    I havent got a bike yet but have been looking at the usuall zzr250, cbr, rgv and ninjas....love the look of the sports bike :). As for gear, ill be buying some gloves for christmas, from a guy on here infact, the jacket and pants ill get after christmas, im pretty excited, but also a bit nervous at the same time after reading some of the "noob" storys and incidents, but i guess practice makes perfect.

    Well thats enough ranting from me for now, i look forward to speaking with you all soon.

  2. Welcome Mate.
  3. welcome in mate :)
  4. Hey hey!

    *psst!* Get a ZZR250! Bullet proof! Easy to find and they look hot! (Jessica Alba rode one in Dark Angel :p)

    I'm fairley new to ridding as well. Best thing for me was riding around the back streets at home, night ridding when the traffic is low. But the biggest help was actually going on a group Learner's ride on a Tuesday night lead by net rider folks. Everyone was super helpful and your not pressured to go above your own pace. It poured down with rain that night to, so I;m not afraid of the rain at all now lol

    Good luck with everything! Glad to have you on board :)
  5. Welcome to NR, you came to the right place.

    You are right to be nervous; but dont let it stop you. Its the most awesome experience one can have.
  6. Welcome mate, as they say "just do it" - you won't look back. (+1 to Rogue01's comment)

    Look forward to seeing you on the road soon!

  7. I'm only learning too, I believe I have about 700klms under my belt now. You just wait, it is soooo much fun - yes, it's challenging, but very rewarding.

  8. Welcome to NR :D Enjoy !!!
    Hope to see you out an about real soon :)
  9. Thanks everyone, started doing some overtime till christmas to gain more $$$ for a bike....super pumped!
  10. Hi and welcome to NR. Good luck getting your bike.
  11. Welcome to the biggest time waste eva!

    Love it,

  12. Welcome to NR - the community is what makes it good, the riding is just a bonus

    Stay safe
  13. Welcome mate...bet you can't wait until you get your 1st bike...good luck with it!

  14. Hello, I now became a member of this community here and I would love to be a part of it. Just enjoy the environment here.