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hi peoples-----new member.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rollingstoppie, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. hey all, hows things?
    sorry im gonna post here in the General Discussion section as i couldnt find the new members section. Mods please move it to where ever it needs to go. thanx

    a little about me: been riding since about '99, firstly on a ZZR then an Across then grabbed my little CBR, great little thing taught me how to ride.
    just lately i have stepped up to a 675, had been waiting since Oct last year for it to arrive. thats my biking in a nutshell.

    are there many peeps from the wollongong to batemans bay area on here?
  2. err yes, welcome to Netrider, there's a few of us in Wollongong, not too sure about down the coast since our Nowra member deserted and went to Canberra :grin:
  3. Nowra eh?
    thats roughly where im at........how often do you guys do Mac Pass?
    do you come down into the Valley often.
  4. um, I live at Oak Flats; guess how often I do the Pass? I got my car license in Wollongong in 1968, guess how many times I've DRIVEN the Pass?? :LOL:

    My bike's in dock for another two weeks, but let's get together for a ride, I love doing 'the loop' and that includes Nowra

    Let me guess, you're in the services????
  5. Welcome to the forums :)

    How have you found stepping up to the daytona from the cbr? Is it a lot hader to deal with the extra weight and power of the bike?
  6. good guess about the services.

    i have a friend who lives at oak flats, his house backs onto the lake, he owns a CBR as well, he's a bit of a carby whip, and i go visit him every so often.......yeah it would be good to catch up next time im up there.

    i was up at the pie shop last weekend with a few friends from sydney from another forum. there was about 25 bikes that came down. jeez it get hard to get parking on a good day up at that place.

    have you done the pass since they resealed it? its great now.

  7. thanks.

    to be honest, riding the 675 is just like riding the CBR with a heap more power. weight feels the same, turn in is better, high speed stability is better, and wheelies are heaps more easier :twisted: .
    IMHO, i feel its easier to ride the 675 smoother one you adjust to the twitchier throttle.
    Fuel injection throttle response it crazy. in a good way.
  8. Welcome mate.
    Love the 675. They're a beautiful bike.

    I'm also in the area (Shellharbour).
    I'm not yet on the road :cry: but hope to be within 2 weeks (fingers crossed).

    You might also wanna check out http://www.illawarrariders.com , they're a friendly bunch and get together regularly (am I allowed to refer to other forums on here? I checked the T&C's but couldn't spot anything about it...).
    I think there's a couple of them from down around the Nowra area as well.
  9. thanks for the welcome and heads up with the IRA.
    i've seen posters of theirs up at the pie shop.
    it'll be good to catch up with you guys sometime in the gong. :)
  10. yes, yes it is :beer: \:D/
  11. Hey Huntersdad, what's wrong with the Z? Maybe I can help.
    Welcome Rollingstoppie, I'll be residing down south coast way some time early next year, seems to be a bit of a Netrider growth down there!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Not so much things that are wrong with it (it needed the indicators, brake light and head light electrics fixing as well as a new air filter, etc...) as much as money to pay for said things wrong as well as Blue slip, CTP Greenslip and rego costs...

    So yeah, not for the first time money is the problem at hand. This will be rectified come my next pay... hopefully.

    Anyway, apologies for the thread hijacking.

    It does seem like there's more and more people coming to the 'Gong.
    Gotta love it! :cool: