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Hi people, I'm Sergey.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dez, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone.

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Sergey (DEZ). Now I live in Ukraine, but in couple of months I'm going to move to Sydney for business reason with my family. I hope we'll live in this perfect city. Few words about motorcycles. I licensed racer and I plan to race in future. I participate in championships in Ukraine and Europe. I have two bikes Honda CBR1000RR and DirtBike Honda CRF250. My bikes are fully equipped for racing, but I think I must sell it and buy new. I prefer not to ride in city, but ride on a track. I try to find time to race on both bikes, but I prefer road bike. My aim is find friends who like motorcycles as I like. Also, I need your advices about bike. If you can help me please answer my message in forum or presonal message.

  2. Welcome Dez :grin:
  3. yeah, welcome Dez, have fun here, plenty of people to share their experiences and give advice. Thats my experience and advice anyway. :grin:
  4. Hi Dez!
    I cant help you with advise on bikes, just a big welcome!
    Got any photo's or footage of your track time? Gotta love a man with an accent... I mean in leather"s!!! :wink:
    No actually I ment what I said the first time hehe :grin:

    Just playin :LOL:
  5. Hi Sergey welcome.

    Accents are good.
  6. Welcome Dez; we have two race tracks in the Sydney area at the moment, with one due to close in the next two years, but you probably would be best selling your stuff there and buying here because regulations may not be the same.......
  7. Hi Dez and welcome to the forums :)
  8. Welcome Dez, hope you enjoy our country.
  9. Welcome Dez

    Yes it is possible to bring your bikes into Australia.

    From NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) Website


    Imported vehicles

    For more information on importing a vehicle go to


    To register a vehicle you have imported, you will need to attend a motor registry in person and provide:

    Proof of your identity or, if registering the vehicle in the name of a company or organisation, proof that the company or organisation is a legal entity (see related link above right).
    A representative’s authority if the vehicle is being registered in the name of a company or other organisation. For a company, the Director or an authorised delegate must complete and sign the Representative’s section on the Application for Registration form or provide a letter of authorisation on company letterhead. In the case of an incorporated association, the public officer must sign. In all cases, the authorised representative must provide proof of their identity. A representative’s authority may also be supplied for new vehicles registered in the name of a person.
    A representative’s authority cannot be supplied if you are registering the vehicle in the name of a person, you must attend the motor registry yourself. If the vehicle is being registered in joint names, one person may authorise the other to attend on their behalf (as long as the person who is not attending is recorded on the RTA computer system).
    Proof of acquisition (eg a receipt for purchase of the vehicle or the previous certificate of registration in the same name if coming from overseas).
    Proof of your residential address (see related link above right).
    A valid Compulsory Third Party insurance policy – also known as a green slip – in hard copy format with the number plate section blank (not required for trailers).
    An inspection report – also known as a blue slip – from an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS). For AUVIS fees, see Vehicle Inspectors Bulletin 18 available from the related link above right.
    A completed Application for Registration form (see RTA Forms at the bottom of this page).
    Evidence of eligibility for any pensioner or other concessions (see related links to Pensioner concessions and Apprentice registration rebate above right).
    If the vehicle is an Individually Constructed Vehicle (ICV) or has been modified to comply with regulation requirements (eg converted from left-hand to right-hand drive or the fitting of seatbelts and child restraints etc), a certificate from an RTA recognised Engineering Signatory is required to certify that the vehicle meets Australian standards.
    A Vehicle Import Approval issued by the Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services.
    A weighbridge ticket.
    Payment for registration, including registration fee, motor vehicle tax (or national heavy vehicle charges as applicable), stamp duty if applicable plus the applicable number plate fee.
    All vehicles established for registration (including interstate and imported vehicles) may be selected for an additional inspection by the RTA's Vehicle Identification Inspection Unit (VIIU). You will be notified at the time of registration if your vehicle is selected.
  10. Welcome Sergey.

    You could always come down to victoria for a weekend at the "world famous" Phillip Island track. :wink:
  11. Hi people.

    I wish to thank you for your attention. It is very pleasant to me read your answers. Really I thought that I had to make more effort to find friends in Australia. However I prove my thoughts that motorcyclists are big family via the world. Also I wish to apologize for my "accent" :) I promise you to remove it as soon as possible. Thanks for the fresh idea to bring my bike with me. Now I work on it. I hope I would find an ability to do it. Thanks Toecutter.

    Also I wish to ask you common questions I'd like to use y bike in the city. Now I prefer not to use it because of danger road condition and impolite drivers. If you ask me I will tell you about it many stories. But according to my abroad experience I would use the bike as primary kind of transport (read my favorite, but not my family :) I read that it is possible to do with my bike (of course in normal plastic, lights and mirrors :)

    Can you tell me average cost of insurance. I don't need exactly the cost, but I wish to understand general idea of it. Is it true that some insurance companies cover not only bike cost but also rider's equipment in case of accident?

    Also I would ask you about the insurance on tracks. Usually the track include the bike insurance in track days cost or can I pay money somewhere and feels free in my racing behavior on a track.

    Also I have question about racing tires. On the track I prefer to use full slick "Metzeler", but As i know some international rules prohibit it and I have to use semi-slick instead. Can I use my favorite tires during the championships? Also I would ask you about average cost of racing tires. If you need more information I will write you the specifications of it.

    Can I use racing tires on the public road (It means not full slick like Mitzeller K1,2,3,0 but semi-slicks like Michelin Power race).

    Thank you hornet600 and Rotorcycle for information about tracks. I understand that Phillip Island Track is perfect. I found the information about the track and read carefully all the information and opinion of racer. Can you give me the names of tracks in Sydney. I mean the name of working track.

    I have many pictures, videos and texts (essay, articles) in the internet and magazines. If you wish I try to translate it for you. Please don't judge me hard, because my accent :)

    How can I place my picture in the forum, or I have to use links to show it to you?
    I hope my moto experience will be useful to you (or just interested) and I will be able to share my knowledges with pleasure.
  12. [/i]
  13. Thanks Toecutter for your advice!!!
  15. No good for either of us, unless your ur for a ride?? :wink: to NSW I mean...
  16. to: boo

    :grin: :grin:

    Thanks. I promise you to post my pictures and some stories about racing here!
  17. Roar2Life & I will be waiting... Just out of interest :LOL:
  18. ay tell shevchenko to score some goals for us please, no point having a 30 million dollar man bench warming
  19. Hi people.

    I think I need to write new introdaction but... Now I an in australia, but my business told me visiting Melbourne but not Sydney. So Nice to meet you moto-people.