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Hi NRs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by trput, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. I've been riding for about 7 years. Have poked around on here a few times looking for info ... thought it was about time I made our relationship more formal. )

    Currently riding a 2005 Suzi GSX750F which has proven itself to be simple, reliable, economical and very capable. It's set up as more of a tourer than a sports-tourer because I love longer stints in the saddle and have gradually increased the duration ... full days, weekends away, a week-long tour, then a 5 week tour and finally the dream-realisation last year of a 30000km lap of Australia.

    Back to day trips again now. Hope to catch up with a few of you folk who enjoy exploring the countryside around SE Queensland. ))

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  2. Wow...Welcome to NR!

    That roadtrip would have been awesome... Did you create a website or something? Or a blog with photos..

    Would love to have a look

    All the best for future trips..

  3. Thanks LL. ) The trip was definitely awesome ... and awe-inspiring. I have around 4000 photos. ) Several people suggested I blog the trip, but I really didn't want to be bound by technology and feeling I had to devote time to updating a blog. I was trying to escape technology and commitments for a while and I wanted to experience the scenery and people around me as much as possible. As it was, 17 weeks just wasn't long enough, and having set off anti-clockwise from Brisbane, it was essentially a sprint home (albeit via the coastline as much as possible) from Esperance in WA to be back in Brisbane by my deadline. 6 months would have been a much better time frame for the trip. Plenty take much longer than that and still claim not to have seen and experienced enough. So, there is a lot of Victoria and NSW that still needs to be explored ... and Tassie of course. ))
  4. Welcome trput.
    There are some Touring style riders in here, but I think most of them just lurk, with the acceptation of a few.
    I love the 1, 2 or 3 nights away style Touring.
    Hope you find some interesting stuff in here. And as I have come to realize, If I don't contribute to this site, put out some photos, organize rides etc, then I cant expect to take anything out.
    30,000km lap. That's a lot of chain Lube.
    Me thinks you need a Shaftie.
  5. Very inspiring, trputtrput! Welcome to the forum. Often I'll sit in front of computer screens at work and think of just getting on the bike and making a similar journey.
  6. :] Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I added a chain oiler for the "lap" which made things a lot simpler, but a shaft would have it's benefits. The advantage of chain and sprockets is the capability to play with final drive ratios - which was part of my "tourizing" regime for the old girl. Losing about 1000 RPM @ 100 KPH made it a far more relaxed tourer and improved economy / range enormously.
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  7. I decided I had done too much thinking about it. Set a date, booked leave, booked a pet sitter, prepped the bike ... and went. Trouble is ... I want to do it again. =D
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  8. I'm not surprised! I've got about a year to wait until I'll be in a position to have a go. I'd be interested to read if you did decide tell something of your experiences of the journey, riding, etc.
  9. Start making plans. ))

    I started a "ride report" but then landed back into the routine of work and responsibilities. Culling the photos has also been a major task. However, I've been pressured by a few people to finish the report, so it's on the "to do" list. :]
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  10. welcome aboard, sounds like an amazing trip :]
  11. welcome trput, what a fantastic trip that would have been. Please put some pics up sometime
  12. I thought I recognised the photo and name! Welcome to posting on Netrider, are you going on the MeetUp ride on Sunday?
  13. Thanks Mate. Not this Sunday. Had some bad stuff sucked out and good stuff pumped into my wrist yesterday so I'm supposed to rest it for a while - plus, I don't particularly like riding with 40+ bikes ... just not my scene. But, hoping to post a ride for next Saturday (20 June) so stay tuned. :]
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