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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dark, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Hi, my names Ben from Sydney, im 30 and have been riding for a few years. I ride a black 2006 gsxr600 with a few mods Yoshimura exhaust, fender eliminator, tinted windshield. I have also removed all stickers and badges. Bikes completely Dark hence my username.

    Hope to see you out on a ride soon.

  2. well, thanks for not keeping us in the dark about all that :LOL:

    seriously, welcome to Netrider

    keep an eye on the Rides section; there's something for everyone happening most of the time
  3. Welcome to NR...Enjoy the ride...
  4. Lol, I am interested in the penrith/mountains ride "says 2nd and 4th Sunday.

    Is the ride location updated regularly do you know?

    Thanks kurnell
  5. Welcome to NR, Dark! (y)
  6. Welcome :0)
  7. now that my court hassle's are done with i'll be getting ontop of the penrith run's thread mate and update the first post of said thread accordingly. it's not a large group that attends but it's better that way (if you want to ride with a giant posse' go hit up sydney riders lol)
  8. "giant posse" is with the SydneysRiders not netrider ... Have fun!
  9. after checking facebook...Yes, you're right.
  10. Who cares lol

    See you there 87crisis.
  11. sydneys riders is a group of riders that meet on thursday nights for rides....100+ bikes type shindig
  12. Ah k cool. I'll be at the next penrith meet crisis. A small ride group sounds good.