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Hi! Newie from Sydney

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mattt, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone i am a newie from Sydney currently going to uni. To explain my situation, I own a twin turbo 1991 toyota soarer which i bought late 2004. I actually never got around to getting my drivers Ps before the government decided to impose the turbo ban for P drivers post July :(

    Rather than sell my car (the car is truly my dream car, i have been wanting it since i first saw it back in high school 1999!) I have decided to move to bikes being very cheap and fuel efficient until i can finally drive a turbo again after 3 years when my Ps expire and i can move onto my fulls :)

    I am currently now just looking around for a fun bike to commute to and from uni everyday and having looked around i really like the zzr250 :)
    I won't be getting it this year though as uni is nearly finished and i will be going back overseas for a short stint so I am planning to buy it around next year March when I come back and uni starts again.

    Btw this forum is very active! Replies are seconds after every post lol.
    Well thats my life story and I hope to meet alot of great people on here!
  2. can't go wrong with the zzr, pity it's 6 months til you can get your hands on one (right after summer too)

    welcome to the (very active because the weather is crap/people can't be bothered working on friday's) forum :wink:
  3. Welcome, mattt, you might get a few responses from people wanting to keep the oil and stuff running in your turbo, while you wait!!!!

    Never a shortage of advice here, and if you want a bike, someone here will already have bought one and know all you need to!
  4. hmm i feel the 6 months will go by extremely fast though life is very busy these days which is a great thing :) thanks for the welcome
  5. Hi mattt , welcome .
  6. Welcome Mattt, you will notice that not too many threads don't get a reply in here.
    Enjoy the forum and you will be well prepared with information when you get your bike.
  7. Greetings Matt, good to see another Sydneysider hook up.