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Hi newby based in Mornington Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ausbrick, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Planning on getting out and about now summer is poking it's nose out

  2. Welcome aboard :]
  3. Welcome to NR..

    Weather has got nothing to do with enjoying riding..

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  4. Ah don't know about that LL, I prefer a dry ride* any time. Won't go out if it's really wet as I don't get to enjoy the bends. And yes I can ride in wet, just don't like to. Personal preference on this one I reckon.

    * motorbike only ;)
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  5. Haven't you heard about DriRider gear? :D

    Just kidding.

    My opinion was more towards riding in winter etc but you're right - if it's pouring down, then I too take a break. Winter, drizzle etc - I don't care.

    Having said that, I commute to work rain, hail or shine so doesn't matter if it's pouring down. :)
  6. Welcome Ausbrick,
    I got down your way today. Stopped at Mt. Martha for a couple of hours. Nice dry roads as far as you could see, but a little cool at times.
    Did you get out ?
  7. Welcome to Netrider Newbrick!....I am in Mornington too and also looking forward to some decent weather for riding around the peninsula :)