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Hi! Newbie to netrider and riding on tar

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bindymay, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. So I just found these forums while doing a search for road boots. And joined because this seems like the perfect place to get info and encouragement. A little about myself... I'm a 34 year old Female from Sydney. I have 2 sons, the 13 year old rides MX and 1 year old isn't bigger enough just yet (but will get his first bike soon!) Hubby also rides MX and road. I've ridden Trail bikes since The time I could walk but have had no real experience riding on the road. I'm going for my P's in a few weeks (in a non declared area) and am petrified. Hubby just bought me a TTR250 because he thought it would be easier to key start for my P's (my old bike was kick start only). So here's my problem... I've got to get use to a new bike, it's that little bit to tall for me (even with the suspension down) and I've only got MX boots which are great out bush where nobody notices if you miss a gear because of how stiff they are.

    I'm trying to find a place in Aus that sells motorbike road boots, but the ones that look like sneakers. USA have some nice ones but I can't wait that long for delivery. Does anyone know if these type of boots are allowed for your riding test in NSW? Or is there a boot that you can recommend, that is lightweight and gives you a real good feel of the gears maybe adds a little height too)
  2. BindymayBindymay - welcome to the forum!

    If you try www.MCAS.com.au I am sure you will find what you need - I have seen some at there Auburn store. There are 4 shops in and around Sydney.

    Try attending the Sydney Learners Sessions on a Saturday at 13h00 run near Sydney Olympic Park - there is a separate thread on that with all the details of who, when and where with a map. You will get the opportunity to practice the slow speed stuff for your MOST test that should calm your nerves!
  3. Thanks for the info. Will definitely look into the course. I've looked at MCA online but might try instore, they probably have a bigger range.
  4. There was mention, perhaps in the girl's forum, of boots that have a hidden/ internal heel. Have a search in there or post a question... Ma Cherie
  5. I remember when I was looking at boots it gave me the shits how women's varieties seemed more sympathetic to fashion than men's. There are sellers on ebay that do easy returns if they don't fit.