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Hi, newbie rider in Melb(Carrum)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lukej_76, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Friend and i got our licences a few weeks ago, she has already got a bike and been riding since. joined here and pestered me to join since. looking forward to making some new friends and going for a rise as soon as i get a bike!, should be sooner than later....should....

  2. a rise you say :jerk: what are you doing on your bike lol
  3. Welcome in!

    Congrats on the license & good luck on the bike hunt.


  4. Welcome aboard. Be sure to keep the forum updated with your new ride.
  5. Welcome mate
  6. Welcome to the mad house.
  7. yup !! What she said :D .. welcome and enjoy :D
  8. Lukey! Finally you got it all working! Once you get a beast you'll have to come out with everyone!
  9. Hi Luke and welcome to NR. Good luck with the bike hunt.
  10. *Waits for him to post pics of the bike he's picking up tomo :) *
  11. Welcome mate. Good luck with the bike hunt. And enjoy the ride!
  12. Thank you Jess for informing the world before me :p. All going to plan i will be picking up my new (second hand) bike tomorrow evening, an 07 CBF250. if its not raining ill ride it home myself from the northern suburbs following my dad in his van. really looking forward to going for a ride with some people! even if im permanently playing catch-up!
  13. Good for you Luke, lots of adventures ahead!
  14. My bad! Yes! I wish you could get Wednesday nights off cause il be going to that ride every week now. Are you off on Sunday? We can go together to the learners one!
  15. Welcome aboard and best of luck with your first purchase and enjoy your virgin ride home :)
  16. Welcome to Netrider mate

  17. G'day mate and welcome. Hope your ride home with new beast went well the other day (y)