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Hi :) Newbie in Newcastle :D

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Erin11, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Hi guys, Pretty excited!! Just recently passed the pre-learner course at Adamstown. Now all i need is a learner bike :D

    I'm looking at yzf r15 or a ninja 250. I'm pretty short/tiny :) and don't have any exp. riding apart from the pre-learner course.
  2. Welcome to NR

    I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here

    Are you hot?
  3. damn missed by that much oh and welcome aboard :)
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  4. Hey welcome, if your tiny one of those r15 s would be a great first bike . There's one in Sydney for $1600
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  5. Welcome Erin11,

    Can't help with a bike but you there are a number of Novacastrians here whom I am sure will advise. I am a little out of Newcastle myself.
  6. Yeah out of all the bikes i've looked at it seems alright and tiny for a noob :p
    I'm from Sydney, only up here till jan on uni break :D

    Had to google Novacastrian. No idea what that meant :p hehe

    Haha what's with the "Are you hot" i see it everywhere on here lol I'm assuming just to newbie female on netrider :/
  7. Guess I spelt it wrong. Sorry!
  8. lol nope, didn't spell it wrong, i'd just never heard it before hehe ;)
  9. No not just female, it is asked of everyone
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  10. Welcome Erin11, I'm a newbie from Newie myself.

    Big thumbs up for the YZF-R15. I'm not little. That bike punches well above its weight.;)
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  11. Welcome to Nutrider! :D
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  12. Welcome to NR , Erin ! Don't worry about the are you hot thing - just a long running gag . Don't be too shy to give some cheeky comeback replies !
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  13. Also, don't be too shy to let us know if you're hot or not... :p
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  14. Hello and welcome tiny person, good luck in your search for a suitable tiny bike :)
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  15. Yeah this seems like an appropriate learner bike. Lookingfor used also not brand new :D

    Cheers and LOL @ tiny person :p
  16. Welcome along Erin
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  17. Hi, fellow Novocastrian here. :)