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Hi, newb from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by aahsv, May 18, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    newbie from Melbourne logging in to say hello (finally! Thought I was savvy and that membership was same thing as registration, but apparently not, who reads faqs?, thanks for help Vic). :facepalm:

  2. You got HELP from Vic :shock:

    Ok spill, what did you use to bribe him :?: :?:
  3. easy, just tell him jason never answers his phone. :p
  4. rider? person interested in getting license? background please :p

    welcome to NR neverless
  5. Welcome one and all, so theres this ride coming up right....at Eden....all characters attend......true colours will be reaveled....see you there :cool:
  6. Welcome to the asylum without walls :).
  7. Welcome aboard.. Dont forget to fill in your location in your profile .. :grin:

  8. yep and they let me play with matches tooo :wink:

    OH welcome to the funn house!!!! :!:
  9. Welcome and enjoy the days, weeks, months and years you'll spend online now!!! :twisted:

    You won't have direct human contact anymore and instead express yourself with emoticons and punctuation!!!!! :grin: :shock: :cry: :LOL: [-o< :newb: :butt: :WStupid: :rofl: :nail: :eek:wned: :roses: :bannanabutt: :-$ :lastyear: :furious:

    Pooh out!
  10. [​IMG]

  11. :rofl: at above posts :LOL:

    Welcome to the forums aahsv :grin:
  12. yer great way to weasel a for sale ad
    Welcome to netrider where despite the contrary belief of some, the mods are not stupid.
    so tell me are you going to be part of the community or are you gonna try and sell a bike with 2 sucky intro posts?
    I seriously think only paid members should have access to for sale ads and be able to sell their goods. :evil:
  13. Fair call actually!

    Since I am, I have water frontage hou.... er, ehm, sorry, tide is in! See you in six hours? :LOL: