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Hi new zeddy250 here!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by aceslick911, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. hey guys! Just joined up thought I would introduce myself

    Angelo, 20 and just bought a Kawasaki zzr 250 (1998- I think) off my best friend's dad for 3.5 :) I realize your first bike should be cheap but thought I would spend a little extra just so I can be more of a confident rider, saying that the zeddy os still a pos but it's my POS :)!

    So first week in i dropped it at a very slow slow speed luckily and came out with only grass stains on my pants and a few fairing scratches. Its a cool little blue bike ill post pics on monday as soon as she comes back from a $1200 service and road worthy paid by the seller. I was quite happy that it was getting such a big fix up because the bike wasnt exactly performin yhat good. Kept stalling when taking off from starting and didnt sound quite rite probably due to the overlooked dreadful oil level.

    But anywas im still excited, monday is going to be fun might take it to the danenongs:) bought sll my gear minus pants and boots for a grand will get the rest later on

    So yeah a big hey to the kawasaki 250 (and other) riders here looking forward to much motorcycle talk ;)

  2. Welcome to NR! Enjoy the ZZR. Rode ours for 2 1/2 years and had a ball on it. So much fun in the twisties!.

    Add your location to your profile, so people in your area can contact you for rides, etc.
  3. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  4. Welcome to NR and have a ball on the ZZR.
  5. thanks guys! And FYI i'm in the melbourne area, i go riding with a couple mates every now and then but look forward to takin a whole biker gang someday ;)

    anyone have any '250 stories to share? :D
  6. Hey :)

    Zzr is a good bike, sounds like it hasn't been maintained well but heres hoping it does the distance for you!
  7. No single story stands out, but I put 36,000 km's on our 250 before I upgraded.

    Keep the rev's up to 'em and they're a ball of fun! I topped ours out at 170km/h on my own (85kg) and 150km/h with Mrs Tree on the back (140kg total). It performed incredibly well for a 40hp bike, carrying myself (and sometimes Mrs Tree) up mountains, through twisties and down highways without a hitch. Being so light, she was so easy to flick through tight curves.

    Enjoy! :grin:
  8. Very light indeed. Dont give me the cold stare for saying this but all the riding ive done so far has been.. oh lets just come out and say it.. Speedo-Less. So i wouldnt have a clue how fast i was going except for the fact that cars were far behind.

    i assumed the zzr 250 was 33bhp but i could be wrong :)

    im literally in withdrawal right now... Wish the bike was back already :( damn weekends and damn the 3-day repair job!