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Hi, new VTR250 rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Grendel, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    this is a great site where there's always action. I've been meaning to jump in with my 2c on some threads and now I've finally done it.

    Used to be a car guy, now car and bike. I've got a VTR 250, but I'm already getting ready to get what I really want; a 2007 S4R.

  2. Hello! Welcome! I am currently looking at a VTR250, what do you think of it?
  3. Welcome to NR Grendel.

    I too ride a VTR250 (badly).
  4. two wheels? tick
    motor? tick

    anything else is salad dressing.
  5. hello grendell, i used to be a car guy also, but now i know better... i think VTR is a great way to set up and develop your skills for the bigger bikes.
    pobblebonk i chose the VTR over the ninja because i liked the fit and finish of the honda, also not a huge fan of all the plastic... the 09 has efi as well which was the thing that really got me... mine is for sale on trading post but in melb, done 20k but still looks and feels brand new... i just wished honda had a good mid size bike on the shelf...
  6. mid size, like cb400 ?

    Where in oz are you Grendel?
  7. like cb400 but bigger.
  8. weclome to Netrider, and the long line to the left of people with (or considering) the VTR :LOL:
  9. Thanks all for the welcome. Here's a pic of my ride.

    I'm in the ACT, so not knowing much about bikes, I only had 1 criteria, it had to start in winter so it had to have EFI.

    It's great to read that everyone gives the VTR250 the thumbs up and I wish Honda made a VTR 600 in the same style as the 250.

    To Pooblebonk, the VTR250 is great for learning and passing your P's test. I passed my P's test without any mistakes and the bike can take all the credit for that effort. It's light too, so small mistakes don't become big mistakes when you're pushing yourself to get better. It might not be superfast, but up to 100km/h it's got bite. There's at least two girls I see around canb. riding VTR 250's too.
  10. the 600 hornet or 900 hornet
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm looking for something a little bit newer. I guess if I were to get in inline 4, I'd go for a sports bike like an R6 or CBR600.
    I've got a whole bunch of competing criteria, but essentially I want the sexiest bike I can get. Which I reckon is the Ducati Monster S4R (in black or red).

    I'm sold on the V-twin sound but the V4s seems to be hot too.
  12. yeah , newer in trellis frame , twin, comfy , screams the ducati monsters , 696, 796

    i went from the vtr250 to a 848 duke, and still loving that big twin, Jumped on the vtr to test it a year later, and wow, still brings a grin.
  13. Hi there. Nice bike mate. Enjoy.