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hi new to site

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by PeterShannon, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. I have many bikes, newest is nearly 40 years old. any help in putting my request in the appropriate forum appreciated.
    It concerns the fact that next year's Motogp will be the 100th year of GP's in Australia. Yes, 1914 was the first year of the 'Grand Prix of Australia'. So I am wanting to write something about that to raise the awareness of 100 years of GP in Australia.
    Your help appreciated.

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  2. Welcome to NR , Peter !
  3. Hello and welcome, 100 years seems like a long time.
    Was that first Australian GP an international event?
  4. Wasn't there a little war that sort of interrupted things in 1914?
    What exactly are you trying to post? Your intro post is a little obscure.
  5. Hi Smee,
    I have just posted it in the racing section although it is more historical than a current racing event.

    Hi Smee,
    Yes, a little war that saw the controlling body of motorcycle sport in NSW, the Auto Cycle Association of NSW, suspend in 1915 their promotion of major events due to that conflict.
  6. G'day bloke.
  7. Well that answered his question..... Not obscure at all.

    Welcome, and good luck with your research.
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    the INITIAL post was

    Still not sure what it is he wants though apart from having a go at MA and motogp.
  9. No, not really having a go at MotoGp and MA, just saying that if that is your business you should know the history behind you and 100 years of history next year is an important deal I think, and that they should be promoting it.

    It is certainly something the average Australian has no idea of and as motorcyclists it is something that should make us think and give us a sense of how far motorcycles have progressed since those early days of belt drive and flat tanks.

    So my purpose is to raise the awareness that the 2014 event as being the centenary event, which I know at least a number of people now know it is and to maybe glean other people's views as to whether this is correct or if there is further info or other views as to the correct date for the Centenary Grand Prix. The reason that I have mentioned this on other forums is that they may have a different mix of members and that it is generally unknown that there was a "Grand Prix of Australia'" held in 1914.
    Yes it is to spread the word.
  10. Welcome bloke

    gawd knows what the negativity is about
  11. Sorry, my post was agreeing with yours.... I had no idea wtf he wanted to say and the reply didn't clarify much as well. There needs to be a tongue in cheek font.
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  12. Yes it didn't make much sense as it wasn't really my first post. My first post was actually removed as it was in the General Discussion area and I was told I should first go the lounge and introduce myself and ask what forum it should go in.
    So I thought a moderator who had seen my original post was going to tell me 'where to go'.
    So you only saw my request to the moderator and not my original post.
    So me having a bit missing it became obscure.
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  13. Welcome to NR(y)
  14. Thanks.