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Hi!.. new to NR from Melbourne!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by alb72, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Newbie on NR and on the bike, got my L's a couple months ago and bought a 2010 Kawasaki ninja 250 just two weeks ago (just came back from overseas holiday)

    Still need to get some gear so if anyone has any recommendations please I'm all ears! Looking forward to getting on the road!


  2. Thanks to the people who actually posted helpful replies, much appreciate it coming from a new resident & rider. Its such a benefit being able to tap into a resource of experiences and tips from other riders.
  3. Thanks admin for bringing me back! :)
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  4. hey, welcome to NR. how much you pay for your ninja?
  5. [MENTION=38952]trd2000[/MENTION] What time and where in elwood is the learner rider held would like to take that up, thanks!
    [MENTION=26263]Seba[/MENTION]p|10 Picked it up for 3k, had 8000k on the clock, not sure if that was a good deal or not as Im fairly new to it all.
  6. WHAT! I been looking for 5 weeks now and can't find a ninja under 4k! Damn gotta keep looking
  7. [MENTION=38952]trd2000[/MENTION] awesome thanks, will definitely join the learner ride next sat!
    [MENTION=26263]Seba[/MENTION]p|10 gotta confess I bought this bike from a friend of a friend so not sure if 3k is the norm but all the best with your search!!
  8. hey! welcome to NR
  9. welcome bro