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HI New Rider to be, Newcastle NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Parso, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. Hi all, I stumbled upon NetRider when reseaching ali things bikes for an upcoming purchase. Im booked in for my L's course in a few weeks and plan to test ride a few bikes after that.
    One of the first questions I am battling with is how much to pay for a Helmet? The guy at Frasers suggested pay as much as you could afford considering how much you value your head ($800) then I found a CRASH review of Helmets and there top rated weas no more than $200.

    I was also wondering if there are any groups etc I could do a bit of riding with once I get my license to help refine my on road skills (FYI I road bikes in the bush as akid but am now 42 with a long gap between rides).

    Also then theres the big question about what type of Bike??? I really have no idea, so any suggestions (Im a big guy 6 foot, 115kg).

    Its all a bit exciting though and look forward to getting out there.

    Take Care.

  2. Hey welcome big fella. The helmet question is a good one. Do your own research if u find a good review of a $200 helmet then sounds good to me. Being a big guy your going to need a lams 650 if u ask me. What sort of budget do u have ? Have a look at ninja 650rl or er6 . Quality machines. Think u could get one for $6 grand odd. If your after something cheaper then maybe a hyosung comet 650
  3. Hi Basejumper (is that what you do in your spare time??), yeah that what I was thinking a 550 or bigger. GS500 seems to get a lot of good feedback for a learner rider?? $6k may be stretching it but havent looked at the Ninja yet. What about a cbr500?

    Hadnt considered the Ninja er6 looks like it a bit more afordable.

    Would it be better as a learner to have an ABS bike?? The bigger the bike is it more difficult to manouver for the riders P tests?

    Thanks for your reply.
  4. Welcome Parso, I use an Arai Vector 2 ($550) and put it to the test back in March. The bike was written off and I came out in good condition, it was a good day for me in retrospect. Good ol' SMIDSY.

    When my noggin hit the road, it was like landing on a pillow. Granted it was a pretty slow speed collision. So when I got the new bike, and went to replace the gear, it was a no brainer for me. I got the Arai V2 again.

    Not having 'roadtested' other helmets, I can only offer you my firsthand experience with a mid range priced helmet.

    Also regarding learner rides / practice sessions. Check out this area of the forums for your state / city. Melb and Syd have regular ones that I've seen in the feed.
  5. Hello Parson, GS500 are pretty tough and a good learner bike, they may not be the sportiest option but lots of new riders have them and love them. The CBR500 is a new model so you won't get a lot in the second hand market if that is what you are after. Choosing a helmet, it is important that it fits well, some brands fit certain head shapes so you need to go and try a few. All need to pass Australian Standards to be on sale here, you pay for extra design features like quick change visors, good vent structures and low road and wind noise.

    There are quite a few Novacastrians on the forum so I am sure you will find some other riders to get out with.
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    Kewish, that sounds like perfect advice to me. Mid range may be the way to go.

    Thanks Chris for your reply, they had a GS500 at Frasers last week so something like that may be the go?

    It would be great if they ran those learner nights in Newie like they do down at homebush, maybe they do??
  7. Chris' advise is also perfect, try a few on and get one that fits.
  8. Ive got a XXL head so will definetly have to try a lot on (should a helmet nearly rip your ears getting it on and off??)
  9. No that is too tight, unless you have some crazy ears. It should fit snug though, and have no gaps between the padding and your scone.

    The sales person should be able to fit you out. If not, they need training.
  10. Hi from a close neighbor. Bike wise buy what you find is comfortable for you and what is in your price range. It is you that has to be happy with what you decide upon. I have been riding for years and am very happy with my Yamaha V-Star 650, a LAMS approved cruiser. I enjoy the ride and have no need for a big sports bike. Always said I would never get on a cruiser but now I find it a joy. I am also just over 6'. Any approved helmet will give you protection. Again try them on and get one that fits and is comfortable. I prefer an open face helmet but again that is my preference. Full Face helmets were only new when I began riding and were out of my price range. Just never converted although I have one here at present that I don't use. Easier putting on my glasses with open face.
  11. Hey Pod, thanks for your reply.
    Did you learn on a cruiser? Im a bit the same Im not after a bike to go as fast as I can rather just getting from a - b at the moment, cruiser migjht be a good option.

  12. I couldn't really say what I learned on. It was back when I was still at school. A couple of friends and I had a variety of old bikes we knocked around on. None were cruisers though. It was only a few years ago that I decided to go cruiser, I have crook knees and back. Also I cannot lift my toes far enough to work the gear change on std bikes and have to raise my whole foot. With the cruiser my knee is straighter and my ankle is more relaxed, especially with the floor boards. It took me a few rides to get accustomed to the riding position but now I would not go back to a conventional bike. I would expect passing the tests these days would be more difficult on a cruiser but many have. They don't lean over as far as I like and I often scrape the boards but that only happens on the small, tight round-a-bouts. They are not for everyone. I am 65 now and in no hurry these days.
  13. Hey Parso, I'm about the same height/weight as you and my xvs650 does the job fine. Obviously being a cruiser it's not made for cornering but it gets along alright and they're generally a trouble free bike that will hold some re-sale value come upgrade time. Easy to dress-up/modify too as they have big aftermarket support.

    Yes, I'm biased :D

  14. HI all, I've just put a deposit on a 2014 V-Strom 650 (run out sale price great value). I will pick it up next week and cant wait to get out on the road. Would love to know if anyone had any tips / comments etc. for a new V-Strom owner.

    Im in Newcastle and being a Learner rider would be interested in hooking up with a more experienced rider for a few tips etc. Oh by the way, Im 43 and haven't had a bike in 20 years so I have a real big smile on my face.

  15. Did you find anyone to go riding with?
  16. welcome aboard :] what helmet did you end up with
  17. Parso I like your choice in bikes. I have always had a liking for the V-Strom but settled for the cruiser due to joint problems. I am sorry I didn't answer you earlier about riding. I don't get out on big rides these days as I am a full time carer. There are a number of Novocastrians on here and am surprised that no-one has answered your request for a ride partner. I hope you are enjoying your rides as much as I.