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Hi, new here!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by walterlau, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Hi all, new here in Aus as a student and found here by googling some license related stuff. Resources here are so useful but still hope someone shed some light on applying license with an overseas passport.

    I do hold a valid Hong Kong Driving license with IDP but having no motorbike related experience before. Does anyone have similar experience? Shall I even take the theory test before the Ridersafe course?

  2. Welcome Walter. If you do not have a motorcycle endorsement on your Hong Kong license then I think you will have to go through a motorcycle license here under South Australian law.

    sa.gov.au - Applying for a motorcycle licence
  3. Thanks mate for your quick reply! And I heard that if I took the test and get an L plate here, my driving license shall no longer be used for driving a car, is that true? Info on the web is quite confusing :/
  4. The way it works here is that you have a license with different endorsements to, ride a motorcycle, drive a car, drive a truck etc. Anything you had on your International license would transfer across under your IDP.
    To get both licenses here you would need to take the theory part of the test and then driving tests for both car and then again motorcycle to get both endorsements here.

    Your Hong Kong license and IDP should allow you to drive a car here. You should be able to continue to drive here with that documentation.

    Because you did not have a bike license prior to arriving here you would need to go through that licensing procedure as described in the link above.
  5. Thanks once again, your help is much appreciated. I will get my documents ready and head to one of the Australia SA branch soon.
  6. G'day WalterWalter, welcome to Netrider.
  7. Welcome Walter
  8. Welcome to NR..
  9. Welcome Walter.
    Good luck navigating the licensing system!
    You must be enjoying the cold instead of a Hong Kong summer :)
  10. welcome aboard
  11. Right, but it's less humid here that the winter is less chill than Hong Kong.

  12. I have finally got my learner licence after the RiderSafe course a week ago. End up I was asked to convert my driving license into a Oz one, then I am allowed to enroll the RiderSafe directly without taking the theory test(obviously saves a lot of time!).

    Once again thanks for the help, guys! I am enjoying the ride with my CBR125R!
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