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Hi new from Northside of Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Boof_triple1050, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Hi new to the site, I'm 29 an electrician/line worker and ride or hunt on the weekends mainly. I've ridden dirt bikes my whole life and the last 2 years I've been riding a Honda cbr600f2 and just recently moved up to a 2008 triumph speed triple. I'm on the Northside of Brisbane and spend also a lot of time west near Kingaroy

  2. Howdy Boof_triple1050Boof_triple1050 . I was out that way back in June on a trip in the car and traveled twice between Mooloolaba to Kingaroy thinking....."Must. Get. Bike. Here." Beautiful roads!

    Welcome to NR.
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  3. Welcome.
    My parents are at Yarraman, we have the butcher shop there actually, and a farm at Maidenwell. I am often up around that way so will keep an eye out.
    Gary McCoy's just down the hill at Cooyar too. I hope you take the fun way over either Glorious or Mt Mee like I do when you travel that way.

  4. Welcome to the forum mate
  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Welcome mate :cool:
  7. Ahh ok cool well I'm close to tarong power station, maidenwell pub sells good cold beer . I wasn't riding too far on the old bike I didn't find it comfortable for long distance, it was a fun short ride bike, the triple is whole different story. That's why I looked on here, to find some good riding. There's plenty of good riding out here just gotta watch for the roos and wallabies occasionally pigs and deer
  8. Aloha Boof_triple1050Boof_triple1050
    Once on the triple, it's a game changer :) welcome aboard.
    Keep your eye open on the events thread since there's a few peeps north of Brisb & sunshine C to ride with !
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