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Hi, New Brisbane Southrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 500R, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Hello Everyone!

    First of all what a great forum! im sure to learn much more from this site :) About 2 months ago finally went and got my RE after many years of being on my L's LOL

    Got myself a Honda CBR 500R last week and have been commuting locally and to and from work.. am really surprised how quick I picked it up again after a 9 year break (previously owned a CBR250RR). I'd like to mention that this a great bike with more than enough power and learner friendly as well. For anyone that is contemplating in buying one of these, there are lots of positive reviews on it but of course go for a test ride first and see how you go :D

    On my days off today and tomorrow and was hoping to take it for a good run down the coast or something but rain has been forecasted here in the sunshine state which is a bit of a let down and have not yet acquired any wet weather gear ... Anyways sorry for the long intro!
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  2. G'day 500R500R, welcome to the forum.

    Despite buying and really enjoying my bike, I keep looking at both Honda's CB400 and CB(R)500(F/R/X) series wistfully - they really fantastic bikes for both performance and appearance. More than enough to keep you interested beyond LAMS license restrictions.
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  3. Thanks mate, I really like the look of the naked bikes too ! :) i was actually going with the mt-07 all the way until a change of mind occurred and opted for the 500r instead which I am also happy with and saved myself an easy 4 grand this time time round.
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  4. I agree on the weather. Looks like it's settled in and I'm going to have my first proper ride in the rain on my way home from work! :( I was going to wash my bike today as well!

    Welcome to the forums.
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  5. cheers! Youll be right mate just take your time and keep your distance from others on the road. thats cool 1200k's still relatively low, how was your first service ? any issues? Mine is just over 500, still hasnt been broken in lol need to take it for a decent ride hopefully soon!

    p.s how do you hit like a post/reply on here?
  6. There should be a Reply arrow button bottom right of the post. Not all features are available to new users, they open up as your post count grows.
  7. Yeah, I'm going to see how water proof my gear is and maybe just ride around a bit and avoid painted lines all afternoon! If I can't wash it, I might as well make it dirtier!

    It's actually just over 1500, so not a bad effort! First service was good, surprised about the price of oil but oh well.

    To like a post, you need to have become a member rather than a newcomer, then when you hold your mouse over the reply box there are some options come up.
  8. Thanks Mcsenna, was just too excited after signing up only today haha

    that is a good effort! yeah, ive asked a couple of places about the first service team moto charges 280 i think and another 220... how much did you pay for yours ?
  9. I paid $220 at Brisbane Motorcycles, it's where I bought the bike, so will stick with them for a while, easy enough to get to from my place, especially if I take the tunnel from Shafston Ave to Lutwyche Rd!
  10. haha that's where i got quoted the cheaper price just before so i might do mine there too when the time comes. I was bored and went up there to look at some accessories... as per this site there was suppose to be some sort of sale that was to commence from today but apparently not till next weekend lol they're good there and very friendly, i picked up a rear tyre hugger while i was there :D
  11. You can ignore that post about their sale, it was first posted pre-Xmas and they have somehow set it to occur two or three days from the current date. So it is always showing up. Interesting you say they have a sale coming up though!! Wtf is a rare tyre hugger??
  12. Oh ok lol well apparently it's on next weekend :)
    Basically it's a mudguard made for our bikes, protects the rear suspension and other bits in that area from corrosion etc.. Have you done any mods ? Should post a pic up
  13. Nah, I have looked at a few things, but it seems they are all illegal! There was a LED brake light that had some cool indicator effects built in, but the brake isn't allowed to flash and you can't have more than two indicators apparently. Then I saw some mirrors with indicators in the back and a tell tale arrow in the mirror itself, again, not allowed more than two indicators. So the only thing I have done so far is put a tank pad on that I got from Motobarn (?) in Springwood for $5. Looking at getting some rim tape at some stage as well, but not in any great hurry.
  14. Haha you've been looking beyond! Sounds nice those mods shame they're not allowed. I got that too though gonna exchange for a carbon one. Yeah there's no rush, I've got some green rim tape that I'm not gonna use. Not sure how they're priced but you can have it for nothing if you want
  15. That's generous of you, I'm interested in the reflective stuff though, but then I also saw some that has CBR printed on it. That comes in the 1/4s though rather than one continuous tape and might be harder to line up?
  16. welcome aboard :]
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  17. Cheers Jeffco!
  18. yea these come in 1/4s reflective green. reason why i havent put em on is because i dont think i like green for that so my rim is staying the way it is for now :)
  19. When I was looking for a bike, I saw a second hand one with white wheels and blue tape. Looked really good, not sure how much wheels would cost though!?
  20. Yea that sounds cool blue and white. Not sure what colour I'd choose to go on black rims ... Decisions decisions
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