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Hi! New and nervous

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by flickk, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Ok, so deep breath and just do it...


    If you can't tell now, you'll realise soon enough, I'm super nervy about doing this. I'm completely and utterly out of my depth. I keep coming back to this community because it seems really friendly so have finally decided to go for it and post. I just can't face this process alone, it's just way more daunting than I prepared for. Please forgive my naivety!

    Riding a bike has been an idea I've flirted with on and off but never really thought I'd do it. But then I went out and got my L's over Melbourne Cup weekend. Gosh it was scary as all heck but I made it through! There's no one in my life that rides bikes, and while I'm fortunate enough to have supportive people who are happy I'm going ahead and doing something that excites me, they are pretty damn worried. Fair enough too! I'm a little thing about to put my life on two wheels in a world of big four wheel cars.

    Still it just simply means that I've been trying whatever I can to educate myself as to what I've gotten myself into so I can do it a well as I possibly can. Somethings you just can't do by yourself though and after three weeks of living this out on the internet, I've been dying to find a bike so I can start some real practical learning; but I can't even get into the next step - I've been way to terrified to actually go see a real bike... I've think I need some serious help. I need someone to hold my hand. I'm worried I'm going to be pretty demanding as a newbie since I have basically zero knowledge other than the day I went and got my L's, and I don't want to burden anyone so I guess that also adds to my nerves, gosh it's hard asking for help sometimes. So anyway... pulling the pressure off a bit, Hi! I'm super excited to be here.
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  2. Well you've just taken the prize for the longest newbie intro this year, so things are on the improve already!!!
    Welcome to Netrider and the terrifying thrill of learning to ride.
  3. Howdy & Welcome to NR!

    We are here for any questions you may have .. don't be afraid to yell out!

    Even if you don't have a bike you may want to head down to one of the weekend practice sessions and just mingle and chat with the folks there to get to know people and bounce ideas off them.

    Or, you can just fire away here...

  4. Haha I do have the tendency to ramble a bit! Whoops!
  5. Hello :)

    Yes, for some of us, it's a scary step, but get ready for an absolute blast!! When I finally bought my first bike - a vtr250 - I spent the next month riding slowly around my block. Yet some people have no trouble getting out into the big bad world. My sister and her partner took matters into their hands and led/followed me on a ride down to Frankston. Once I realised I COULD do it, I never really looked back.

    Come along to Saturday practice in Elwood, even before you have a bike. You'll see other learners and experienced people, get to see some great bikes and meet some awesome people. Once you're riding enough to come down, Hawklord and GreyBM will teach you some ride craft.
  6. Hello, Welcome to the forum. It can be daunting setting out on learning to ride, particularly if you don't have family ad friends who ride to provide a support network. I would suggest come down to Saturday morning practice and have a look at what other people ride. Talk to them about their benefits, perhaps if you ask nicely you can sit on the bikes and see if it suits you.
  7. This Saturday practice sounds great! Would be awesome to talk to people who know their stuff. I think I'm really craving people to share this with!
  8. The first thing with riding you need to organise is how you like your coffee!
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  9. Saturday at 10 in Elwood HERE
  10. Welcome flickkflickk ,
    Well you've taken the first step and got your L's,
    Now just to find a bike that suits.

    As others have mentioned, feel free to ask anything you can think of, but do test the search function first and see if it's already been discussed recently. And do visit the Elwood sessions when you can.
  11. welcomed aboard :)
  12. Oh! Coffee I can do with 100% confidence.

    I'm free this Saturday so definitely keen to swing by!

    Thanks guys!
  13. Don't b e a shrinking violet make sure you go up an introduce yourself. Most of the members don't bite. ;)
  14. Welcome to Netrider and its great to see that you are dipping a toe into the world of motorcycles flickk! :happy:
    As has been said here a lot....you can do a lot worse than getting down to Saturday morning practice at Elwood to meet some fine people and see what all the fuss is about (y)
  15. Blend 43 doesn't count Yeh. .....? :p
  16. Welcome to NR and to the world of motorbikes...

    +1 to the Saturday Practise. Seriously!
  17. Welcome to NR and from a fellow noob, its a great moment when you say to yourself - I'm going to do this.

    I began a month ago when decided to just do it and got licence that following weekend. Then the nerves began when starting looking for a bike and booked a test ride - was thinking, "who is more foolhardy here, me for thinking i ride a bike on busy streets or them for letting me take one out". Didn't bin it, surprised myself that yes i can do it. So, upon returning to the dealer demanded they take my money straight away and deliver bike ASAP.

    Still get butterflies each time before go out, but once i lift my feet onto the pegs they're gone. NR was a great resource those first couple of weeks reading all the riding tips, advice etc... (still is) and has provided a basis to meet some other riders who always seem keen to help you learn.

    Enjoy the process - especially the shopping part, its just as addictive as the riding!
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  18. Depending on who is the barista in the servo, sometimes blend 43 is better...
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  19. What's Blend 43?

    Edit: just saw greydog's post and can only assume it's a type of coffee.

    Also, you'll have to forgive my absence if I'm not there on Saturday. I may be sucking up the courage to actually go walk into a shop and get this ball rolling.
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