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Hi Netriders :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bikes_go_Vroom, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself, i'm not new to riding but i'm new to netrider :grin:
    My name's Fee, for those of you who's interested - i'm English but live in Melbourne, and I have a VTR250 atm, which is super fun :)

    hope to see you all on a ride out, or GP night, or something else that's fun :LOL:
  2. Fee? There's a name I've never heard before. I can't stand fees, but I guess one fee is okay so long as you're small.
  3. eh he he, I don't much like Fee's either really, spose I should have thought of that before my mum named me :grin:
  4. Hi Fee welcome to the madhouse be sure and get out amongst the rides etc
  5. Welcome to Netrider Fee :)
  6. top choice in bikes :grin:
  7. Welcome abard Fee. Hope to catch you on a ride soon.
  8. Wellcome Fee. See you out and about. I am sure we will be able spot each other since we will be the only ones using the Queens English.
  9. Hey there. From up north myself, but glad to see your enjoying riding down this way and enjoying the great riding weather (when we get some).
    VTR's are nice bikes, enjoy
  10. Welcome Aboard Fee !


    Fee is quite a popular name ,, haven't you ever watched Jack and the Beanstalk? :wink:
  11. Hello and welcome Fee Fee, aka "bikes go vroom" lol.
    Nice to see more of the female species throwing a leg over a bike :grin:
  12. I know you secretly want a 600RR. MY 600RR.
  13. Welcome to NR Fee. Great choice of first bike, they're a ripper.
  14. welcome to the nut house :LOL:
  15. OO lots of replies!! :LOL: Thanks all! Yeah VTR is a great bike, love it, plus my pipe sounds awsome :p Would love to come on a ride out.....There are so many listed tho, some1 tell me which is the best one

    Erewego - you're probably right :p :)
  16. Tell Optimus prime to get a new bike. Or better still get one for you
  17. yeah he needs a new bike! I'll be getting a new one next year, but to be fair, my bike's great :grin:
  18. I'll race you on my scooter !!! VVVRRROOOMMMM
  19. prepare to be chopzed :D
  20. Hi and welcome Fee.
    Dont forget some bikes go Ring a ding too :LOL: