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Hi Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sabertooth_buterfly, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Hi all
    I have been lurking here for awhile so I thought I should intro myself. My name is Tina I ride an old suzuki katana (gsx750s) I have been riding bikes for a long time, put it this way when I started motox bikes didnt have radiators or power valves lol. My latest passion is mini motard I built my own motard hybrid I ride motard every second sunday at lakeside raceway on the short track.

  2. Welcome to netrider:)
  3. "No radiators"?! You old timer you :wink:

    I remember my first 'scramble' bike.... twin shocks, air cooled, alloy fuel tank, drum brakes, expansion chamber under the engine, 100mm suspension travel at the back end..... ahh those were the days (NOT!) It did cost $649 brand new though! :LOL:
  4. Welcome Tina; we need a bit of Moto-X history covered here :).
  5. Welcome Tina,,

    I have been here only a week and having a great time in the forum. Nice to see another Queenslander.

    I remember when motorbikes did not have engines and were called bicycles sigh

  6. Welcome aboard Tina!

    ( Why is it that most women never post their age ) :?
  7. Thanks for the welcomes everyone yea the first real motox bike I had was a cr125m with low pipe and DG radial fin head, that bike tryed repeatedly to kill me (and that was just the first week). my hero at the time was beetle baily on his maco 440, man that guy was a compleat nutter I useto see him race at the broadford track. I dont motox anymore, its a case of the spirt is there but the body isn't up to it. I tryed to go back to it in 01 had a yz125 and was quick... untill I messed up a jump and cartwheeled the bike three times and broke a few bones then found I just dont heal like I useto so now after a few yesrs of racing my mx5 I'm very focased on mini motard. I will post a pic of the motard bike when I figure out where to do that.
    VCM why dont most women post their age... well maybe it's cos they want to keep you all guessing.
    I plan to sell the old Kat at the end of uni semester and replace with something a little ummmmm... less vintage

  8. Hey Tina welcome to the Madhouse/Forum

    You don't need to post your age for those old enough to have owned air-cooled strokers
  9. if the engine was only air cooled would make her around johny or my age lol
    welcome to the madhouse also :LOL:
  10. Yeh my guess is 45/46. Anyone that knows what a DG radial fin head is gets my respect.

    I raced a Suzuki TM125L ('74), it was competitive until those CR125M's arrived on the scene.
  11. #11 sabertooth_buterfly, Sep 7, 2008
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    coda: the trick wasnt owning an air cooled 2stroke it was surviving it!! I remember riding the old broadford track on the cr it was amasing that anyone survived those bikes.
    ISCN: that avitar is Betty Boop an she's older than me, and still mighty cute :wink:
    Tigger: mighty perceptive of you I guess I'd be about that age lol.

    My bike was actualy a cr125m2 was around the last of the aircooled bikes when I get to 5 posts I will post a pic of it there wasnt much left that was stock on it. It was a great experience learning how to build a race bike with my dad.
    DG made after market parts back then the radial fin head had more fin area so it helped to keep the motor cooler as well they were made from very pure aluminum (for that era) so this aided the cooling even further.

    Ok so I got to 5 posts here is a pic of the psychotic cr
    I realy cant remember all the mods to it but I remember me and dad turning out the carb to 3/4mm biger diameter and doing the swingarm swap, mulhuland shocks, cant remeber what the forks were off but they are much longer than stock, the pipe was home made, port job was wild.

  12. That's an M2 alright, I didn't think much of those hex grips :wink:
  13. me either but trail and track magazine said they were the thing to have so I had to try them lol. I think back on using them and they sucked soooooo bad.

  14. Ha ha :LOL: I tested MX bikes for Trail & Track '83 to '85..... what would they know, lol.

    I agree back in the '70's it was the 'bible', the only dirtbike mag in Oz.

    Did you old-man ride? Sounds like he was an enthusiast, did you have bro's that rode?
  15. i dont remember that bike but the xr75 and thr yz80 and those damn yellow suzuki beast's used to buck
  16. dad never rode but he restored vintage cars so I had access to a workshop with lathe and milling machine etc, the workshop was my fave place to be. both my older brothers rode but not motox, 350/4 hondas and norton commando's and early ss duke's etc. they always told me I'd never be able to ride like they can lol.

  17. was rubbing shoulders with Stephen Gall on Thursday night

    {That's the best that I can do to make some sense of the conversation on 20+ year old Moto-X in this country :LOL:}
  18. Jonny O so it's your fault that I wasted $15 on grips that sucked?... can I get a refund? :LOL:

    ISCN at first I thought you were saying that you think Jack Black is cute... I was think hmmmm whatever floats your boat, But then I thought maybe you were using him as an example of how to pick up chicks? :LOL:

    who could deny that she is cute?

  19. So how is the new suit going sabertooth_butterfly?? :grin: