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Hi Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Blu-Grl, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone

    We are Tracey & Phillip and after a recent move from Darwin to Melbourne we are trying to adjust to the winds and cold down here :shock: though with the recent heat its been lovely

    We are still on the restricted stage of our open licences after seeing the light finally and going through the M.E.T.A.L training in Darwin.

    Phil did the early upgrade so is licenced to ride bikes over 250cc but I was happy to sit around for the 12 months of restrictions first, but then Phil has been riding bikes offroad all his life, I havent, so I am happy to learn correctly first.

    Phil currently rides a DRZ 400s and I have the Kawasaki GPX250
    though Phil is about to upgrade to the V-Strom 650

    We have been lurking for a couple of days and felt it was time to jump on in

    Tracey & Phillip
  2. Jump on in is a good way to put it - welcome to NR and to Vic :)
  3. Welcome to you both, to Melbourne and to Netrider :grin:
  4. Welcome, welcome, two riders for the price of one, ka-ching!!! :).
  5. Hello and welcome Tracey and Phillip. :)
  6. G'day Tracey & Phillip!
  7. Welcome Tracey and Phillip
  8. thanks everyone
    nice to be here
  9. Welcome to Melbourne. Welcome to NR. You are now doomed. :grin:
  10. Welcome Tracey & Phillip!
    Ahhh Melbourne, the city where it's beautiful one day and damn miserable the next :wink:
    Enjoy :LOL:
  11. Welcome and Hi!
    Hope you enjoy the netride!!!!