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Hi Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by av8r, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. I've been lurking for a while, I thought I'd better say G'day. I'm a 38 yr old fella living on the Central Coast NSW. I managed to gain my P's on Monday. I bought a new CBR 300 when I got my L's and thanks to this forum I found out it's subject to a recall, bummer! Lots of good info around here.
    Cya in the threads :)

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  2. Welcome mate, enjoy your new ride...
  3. Welcome mate :cool:
  4. Welcome to the playground!! If it's happening in the motorcycle world, you'll find out all about it here.
  5. Welcome av8rav8r from a Newcastle member. Safe travels.
  6. Welcome and congrats on your P's, no more tests! Lots of new experiences and learning ahead, enjoy and see you on the road.
  7. Welcome aboard :)

    Congrats on the Ps and the bike :)
  8. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Come and join us on the Spring has Sprung ride planned for the 11th Sept -
    Please see the planned rides nsw section for more details.

    There are a few Newcastle riders planning to meet us at Mangrove Mountain.
  9. welcome to Netrider av8rav8r !
  10. Welcome to NR..
  11. Welcome to the forum mate.
  12. Welcome; enjoy!
  13. Hi av8rav8r, and stop lurking, jump in! :)
  14. Welcome av8rav8r
  15. Groovy av8rav8r & congrats on the license and getting on two wheels. Always ever lots to learn :)
    See if you can join up with some of the other NR peeps for group rides - they're fab!
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  16. Thanks for the welcome, you're a friendly bunch :)
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  17. Welcome mate. I'll drop you a line next time I do old pac or ten mile, there's a couple of nice rides up your way :)
  18. GeorgeOGeorgeO Thanks for the invite, unfortunately I'm working that day so I'll have to give it a miss this time around, enjoy the ride, no doubt it'll be a glorious day on account of me being at work at not being able to make it.

  19. Haha, didn't I just do that?
  20. Haha true. Jump more!