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Hi Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Fr33dm, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Yet another keen Victorian newbie wants to join you. I found my way here while reading through a bike thread on Whirlpool. I've wanted to ride a motorbike for years but, unfortunately, could not get to it as life responsibilities kept getting in the way. Finally I am now free to add bike riding to yet another not so feminine pursuit of mine - target pistol shooting.

    I have absolutely no riding experience. I never learnt to cycle as a kid. I've been on a bike as a pillion once only, but that hour was one of the best experiences of my life so far! For me my first ride felt

    Life changing
    Very sexy

    Dare-devil scary

    Real fun
    Ended too soon

    I heard that riding was contagious, and it definitely proved to be the case with me. I wouldn't call my decision to get into bike riding "midlife crisis" (though some of my friends think that's exactly what's going on with me!), I'd rather call it waking up from hibernation and starting seeing life in colour.

    So few months ago I finally learnt to cycle and keep my balance, but I always preferred leather to Lycra... So I will do my motorcycle safety course (and maybe few 1 to 1 lessons) to go for my Ls comes January. I'm really looking forward to my life on two wheels and am hoping to learn a lot on here and sponge up as much wisdom from you all as I can, eventually posting more when I'll have some experience to share, and hopefully making new friends and eventually having fun riding.

    So far Cycle-ergo website has been terrific little tool to play with, thank you! And I discovered that I'm quite lucky being 5'7 but having long legs (34" inseam). Lots of bikes for me to choose from it seems!
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  2. Welcome to netrider!
    I'm pretty new too but I think you'll find alot of useful info around here.
    Including riding tips and roadcraft.
    There is a wealth of info, you just need the time to read it =]
    You can check out the new govt initiative here aswell
  3. W

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  4. Congrats on taking the plunge and welcome
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  5. Another Vic noob here... Welcome!
  6. I am sorry to say this but you rode Pillion, you are infected and there is no cure.

    You can only ease the suffering by buying a motorcycle and riding it.

    Welcome to Netrider (y)
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    What a great way of putting it. Welcome good lady, and prepare for joys that your mind could not previously have imagined (and also the occasional scare!!!)

    WARNING, the first guy to ask "THAT" question will probably get shot :LOL:
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    Thank you for all your welcomes guys :) I am looking forward to being here, learning and perfecting the craft of riding and having fun with it all.

    InvalidUser, I totally agree with you that this place is the ultimate destination for honest and BS-free advice and lots of invaluable knowledge and tips. And I do have time to read it all. Thanks for sending the link, looks great!

    Jeffco, it's nice to see that you speak my language ;)

    Mooney, thank you, I can't wait till I can get to my course. But the most exciting bit will be shopping, of course! All those new clothes and shoes, or should I say riding gear!

    Donjuan, thank you and greetings to a fellow Victorian

    Endlesssummer, you are right, there is no cure for a motorcycle riding bug. So to control symptoms I am going to buy the best set of wheels I can afford as soon as I get my Ls and ride it too!

    Hornet, thank you, I found it quite hard to describe the feeling I got after my ride, and it is still difficult to put into couple of words. On Whirlpool one young lad asked a question "what is it like to ride a bike?" Reading pages after pages in that thread was most entertaining, absolutely hilarious, and eye-opening experience... So yes, I'm looking forward to all experiences riding can give me, both exciting and occasionally scary!

    We can't have bloodshed here.... Of course I am! I always thought I'd be perfect for the role of a Catwoman :)
    But seriously, any woman who rides a motorcycle is adventurous, open-minded, confident, strong, independent and bloody mad - and that, my friends, is truly hot ;)
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  9. Welcome,
    Nice pic. Your two hobbies combined. I hope you don't plan to do that too often though.
    Good to see that you've been reading a bit. Nice work on 'that' question.
    Look forward to seeing you on the road sometime.
  10. Welcome to the world of two wheels.

    As to Catwoman, I reckon Eartha Kitt was the best by a country mile:

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  11. Welcome aboard! My wife is a recent bike convert (Ninja 300) and loving it, got her L's and full license in just before the hi vis rule which is nice. Definitely mid life crisis but it's a great one to have! Makes you feel alive....
  12. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the ride.
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    Thank you Stever, yeah I liked that pic too, but my hobbies are never to be combined. I find target practice to be good for health, very relaxing :) Hope bike riding will be too, but in a very different way!

    Jazzfan, that's PRICELESS! Thank you!

    Thank you, Chillibutton. I know I missed my boat and will have to go through four long years of both Ls and Ps. Have to say that at the moment it doesn't sound too disheartening, after all I'll be riding, and that's all that matters :) I read somewhere that people who find motorcycling in their forties are called "born again" riders. Mid-life crisis? At least we are old enough not to give a damn about what others say, as you are right, it's a great one to have!
  14. Welcome to NR. The adventure is about to begin. I have only just joined NR but have being riding for over 40 years. The thing that I like about NR is the buddy system and train that they do. We have to look after the new riders.
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    Thank you Eric, wow, 40 years of riding is amazing! I'm reading about group practice rides for learners and you are right, it is terrific support system for new comers. Going to be a bit hard for me as I live 200kms from Melbourne. Luckily my friend who has been riding for years is happy to be my mentor.

    Got my riding gear shopping list pretty much sorted so will be hitting the shops as soon as I'm back from holidays. Next is getting the bike! I have read everything I could find on here about choosing your first bike. But still would like your opinion on the choice for me.

    I live in the country, won't be commuting (20 min walk to work) but am going to ride on the weekends anything from small country roads to highway. I'm looking at naked bikes (lighter, better riding position, looks good). I am 170cm tall, 60kg and can keep my feet on the ground with seats above 780cm. I want to keep my bike for 4 years until I come off restrictions. Budget? A bit opened, but am trying to be sensible :)

    My dilemma: for my size and total lack of riding experience will I be able to cope with anything bigger than 250cc? I'm quite keen on Honda CB400 (preferably ABS) or even lovely new CB500F. I don't mind getting second hand bike with low kms, but probably end up buying new as I do want to keep it.

    There are lovely bikes to choose from in 250cc range, and they might just do absolutely fine for me on the highway too. What do you reckon people?

    And for Melbourne folk, where else do you go for gear shopping apart from PS, AMX and Bikers Gear?
  16. Hey there. As for bike choice if you have narrowed it down to the two bikes you really like just go and see if you can do a test ride. You can't go wrong with Cb400 or 500. Both great bikes for beginners. As for handling over a 250. Your not going to be out trying to race at the start. They are all learner legal bikes and so will be quite happy to putt along at slow speeds whilst you learn.

    The main benefit of larger capacity generally is you don't have to Rev the bike so much for the same result from the larger torque output. In saying that a good 250 rider can outpace a 600 rider. In the end just choose what you love.

    I would definitely look second hand. The difference you pay for second hand could cover the cost of most of your gear and or help with insurance cover costs.

    Look for a couple of years old with say under 10000ks and you can't really go wrong. There are posts on here for what to look for when buying as well as extensive lists on you tube. Second hand from a dealer is also a good option.

    You might not be as upset then if you accidentally knock it over or drop it of its not a brand spanker either. Good luck, in the end it's your exciting decision to make :)
  17. With your body build a cbr300r or a 300 ninja will fly. The lighter the bike the easier it is to handle when coming to a stop. But you need to get use to them moving around on the road.
    The cb400 or the cb500 will be a bit harder to handle when coming to a stop and when moving them around. But you will quickly get use to them. I like the 500 size the most. They push into the wind with ease. They can do everything that the big bike will do.
    So you would be happy with any of the bikes you are talking about. It may come down to money.
  18. Welcome to NR..
  19. I also have a lot of non feminine pursuits. So what ? ;)

    I disagree with Eric about the CB 400. Would be a great bike for you I reckon.

    Welcome to the forummm
  20. CB400, if you are looking to spend 7k plus. As for gear, just shop around until you find someone that treats you right and gives you a half decent deal, I Shop at Motoheaven in Brighton they are a nice bunch of guys.