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Hi Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by raj_27, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Hello fellow Netriders,

    I have been here in the forum almost a year or so now been asking suggestions questions trying to help few too. As some of our moderators think its common curtsy to introduce hence this is my formal Introduction (also to get them of my back ;) ).If I am doing that may as well do it right.

    Below is my Ride: 2007 FZ6S

    Been riding since last Jan clocked around 6500 Km. Mostly commute (30km each way). So far enjoying every the ride whenever I can, main thing is it makes my commute interesting. I love to hit the hills on the weekend, but so far I have only managed to go twice. As the weather gets better, planning to do a bit more. Time is the issue (too many hobbies).

    I also have riding experience of 5-6 years in India all sorts of scooters and bikes, But it’s a lot different in here hence I consider myself an inexperienced rider. This experience did help me skip the Ls and i could buy a midsized bike.

    I have been meaning to go to Saturday Practice but haven't managed to yet, but I will do it soon enough, see some of you there.

    By profession I am a mechanical engineer and live in Berwick Vic. Some of my other hobbies are photography, gardening, bycycle, computers and I am now having a go at camping.

    Thanks for all the members for such a great forum and thanks for all those moderators who keep the forum clean (even on Sunday midnight;) ).
  2. Welcome , officially , Raj .
  3. A belated welcome
  4. Thanks all for the warm Welcome.
  5. welcome to NR
  6. Welcome to NR...
  7. Thanks again.

    I have seen a lot of riders around the area, anyone in here from SE Melb (Berwick, Narre-werren Vic)?
  8. Hello and welcome Raj.
  9. you'll find sunday rides starting at stud n wellington roads, check the ride threads

  10. Thanks goddie. I will check that out.Sunday suits me better for ride,may be i should go straight to Sunday rides.