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Hi Netrider's

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by gaucipf, May 5, 2012.

  1. I just joined this morning and thought I would intro myself.
    My name is Paul, from Hoppers Crossing Vic. I ride a Black GSXR750 K7. I was riding everyday till a car did a right hand turn in front of me and now my bike is back in new fairings in the garage awaiting weekend rides. I have been riding since 2007 previously building classic Fords which became too expensive after marriage 16 years ago. I did not realise how fun bikes are. I will read up on your rides and hopefully join one soon.

    Do you people post upcoming rides on the forum? Do you have common weekly meetings?

    I was part of the Black Dog ride last week and met some of you already including Dave (GreyBM) and Heather. Fantastic ride and loved the way the ride was organised. My riding skills would be intermediate as I have only completed an advanced one course and one track day and I do ride for over 3 hours without a break. I enjoy riding with a mix of bikes so that the riding is not at spirited speeds (leave it for the track were there are run offs) and I do care for fellow riders around me, wanting everyone to ride within their limits.

  2. Yes and Yes

    Hi Paul, Welcome. Weekly coffee night meetings all over. [Melb]Monday night coffee - Williamstown is probably your closest.

    Rides are generally posted in Ride and Events Announcements Vic there are also weekly Thursday night rides etc all are generally posted in that sub forum. Longer rides and events are posted in the Ride and Event Calendar as well. I am running a 3 day one to Eden Queens Birthday weekend if you are interested. :)
  3. Hi Paul welocme to NR and big thanks for coming on the Black Dog Ride.

    There are a couple of regular rides posted up in the Victorian Rides and Events Forum and also the occasiona impromptu ride gets posted there. Otherwise as cjvfr states come along to coffee, get to meet a few people and keep your ears open for when they are going to ride.
  4. nice to have youe with us,
    please enjoy our advice, crude and questionable morals, and our poor/crude sense of humor:p
  5. Welcome Paul. Have fun!