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Hi netrider community

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ThrottleJockey, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. HELLOOO !!!!! to all & everyone.
    wow, finally joined & are making my "hello post"

    im an oldy; got my license at 16 when it took you "riding down the road & doing a U-Turn without putting your feet down", love bikes, ride bikes, sold my bike when we bought a house, & have worked around, in & then bowed out of the industry:-({|=

    kids growing older & maybe, juusst maybe buying again to get my arse back in the seat - a 250 & re-live my boy racer days? fat triple cylinder?? sportsbike? or heavens forbid, jump on a cruiser?!

    dunno, but one thing is im still a nut for bikes & racing, & are gonna jump into netrider community.=D>
  2. boy-racer? any hints? 1970s-1980s road racing, perhaps :)?

    Whatever, welcome to Netrider and back to riding...
  3. welcome to NR and back to the 'love affair' :)
  4. Welcome back to the world of motorcycles & to NR. :)
  5. love a NR!!

    first race i ever saw as a lad was the (i think) '88 WSB at Oran Park.
    Wally Campbell on the NR, Doohan braining the 'established' field on a Yammie filling in for Dowsen, & Fred Merkal winning the World SBK championship!

    Wally got flicked out out of his seat onto the screen coming onto the striaght - no prob - banged it down 2 gears & wheellied down the straight.

    Its them I got the bug & realised "these guys are f%(k*$# serious!!"
  6. As the others have said - Welcome (y)