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Hi N00b here

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Xena, May 9, 2007.

  1. Hi just a little about me apart from my notorious typos i am 41 (ewwwww) f from bris. 20 years ago i was riding a gs750 suzi (what a monster while i was on tiptoes on the centre of balance)

    Last year i finally became kid free and 3 weeks ago my 20 year old dream of getting back on a bike was realized when my b/f bought me a brand new GPX250R for my birthday (aren't I spoilt?) thank you Josh at Pro Kawasaki for the great price and for answering all my stupid questions and for looking after me so well :)

    we paid $6800 on road for it :D after months of umming aand ahhing we decided on the kwaka cause of resaale value ... it was a toss between the cbr 250 and the gpx ... the gpx was getting much better prices 2nd hand plus asthetically its more finished especially the 2007 model.

    now i have just finished the first 1000 klms on it and so stoked with it i can't wipe the grin off my face. apart from it being so damn easy to ride (especially after 20 years of not even being a pillion) its fun ... though my b/f and i do intend to upgrade (both of us ) to a 600 kawa in a couple of years.

    i was always a kwaka girl ... from the tender age of 15 when i saw my first widow maker :) though i had been pillion with my dad (who had ridden the old harley with the suicide clutch and Bmer in europe but who had a 250 suzi here) since i was 6, my first words when i got on a bike at 6 were " go faster dad" he was doing 120 kph at the time ... I was hooked :)

    now my dad is 77 and goes glassy eyed when he sees the 250 though he won't show my mom that reaction .... she thinks i am just nutz ... okay i am just a little but i figure this is me

    anyway glad i found your forum and looking forward to meeting and chatting to more of you

  2. hey there xena and welcome to the forum.

    great to have you here and look forward to meeting you at some of the brissie events.....check out the 'others states rides and events' section to find us....

    possibly one of the best ways to meet is to join us at the coffee club at milton on friday nights if you are able.....

    (and it is worth adding your location to your profile - lots of people seem to get upset if ya don't!)

    and its great to have another nut in the nuthouse!
  3. updated... thanks for the tips
  4. no probs.....

    just so's you know, we've got a camping weekend planned at the end of the month....you'd be more than welcome to come.....


    and here's the coffee club link:


    and maybe, so you can just see what a crew you could land yourself with:


  5. ok I am really trying to get my b/f to order his bike this week .... he is saying soon .. just to tease me ... our intention was fully to go for a ride and camp o/night somewhere :) exactly what you have planned so i might be able to tal him into it :)

    be warned i am open to tips and advice ... and i will suck your brain (and i mean brain) for them ... to become a better rider ... I do know that i am nervous riding on dirt or gravel ... came off a few times when i was younger ... though only at slow speed (less than 5klms) as a pillion ... i stepped of the bike and let the ex control the bike while i got out the way :) no scars
  6. well, at this stage, i am not riding to the campground......i will probly be coming straight from work and have never done that much gravel road in one hit nor have i, as yet, done any night riding....the thought of doing both in one go..... :eek:hno:
  7. [well, at this stage, i am not riding to the campground......i will probly be coming straight from work and have never done that much gravel road in one hit nor have i, as yet, done any night riding....the thought of doing both in one go..... :eek:hno:-(/quote]

    cool then the old ef wagon and sleeping in the back will be ok too :) we can do that :) if i am not working on the saturday (runs to check the calender) ... nope not working ... cool now just to motivate the shy b/f who hates meeting with strangers :(
  8. hehehehehe we're not strangers.....

    (just strange.....)
  9. hehehehehe we're not strangers.....

    (just strange.....)[/quote]

    hahahaha not as strange as me i am off my meds :p
  10. Jeez, what to say, Kezza has covered it all, links and everything; nicely done, girl :)?

    Welcome to Netrider and the cure for the 20 year itch.

    You will find that sucking on people's brains here brings varied results; mine is mostly atrophied with age, but I'll do my best :LOL:.
  11. he he he it was an itch as soon as i got rid of the bike 20 yrs ago .... but i was pregnant with twins .. and you can't fit newborn twins and a 3 yo on a bike ... it just wan't feasable until 3 weeks ago thats all

    Just a question ... Mad Mick (the tyre guy from goodna (I used to work for him years ago and value his opinion on tyres) says that the tyres fitted to the bike are the best (almost) but i find that she wobbles a bit when they are cold ... and on the rough tarmac ... do you think it would be the tyres or a mechanical thing?
  12. yep...girl is right....

    and as for the tyres....don't ask me - i've just stuck with what was on my bike when i bought her....
  13. Warm them up, Xena, and don't try any heroics until they are. You'll find that the wobbles will go away after a few minutes of riding. But as well, you should check the pressures against the manufacturer's recommendations, and keep checking regularly.

    And, twins, I can relate to that, I AM one!!!
  14. I do warm them up ... no heroics for the first 10 mins of riding ... meh no heroic period ... i guess maybe they just aren't yokohama and are a bit harder compound ... and need more warming than usual ... tyre pressures are perfect ... as are fluid levels and every thing else that can be checked .... they stil semm to be wobbly and slippy even after that ??? i thought it was me ... that i am just paranoid ... maybe i am

  15. paul explaining that there is a place for all posts would be a good idea, somehow i dont think bike reviews thought and suggestions is the place for this one :LOL: perhaps welcomes and birthday greatings :LOL:

    welcome anyway xena