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Hi- N00b from Sydney CBD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dtroy, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone, dtroy here

    I am currently on my L's. I always wanted a bike, and decided that now is the time to finally get it (I'm 24).

    Got an Aprilia RS125 a few weeks ago. Since then, I haven't really ridden it properly, due to 2 main reasons:
    1. The traffic near my place is hectic and I wanna practice some more before I head out to the road. (took it out to the next door Darling Harbor parking twice to get some out of traffic practice).
    2. The damn bike gives me so much trouble! It wouldn't start for a while. Then I got new plugs, topped the oil, Coolant, brake fluid, checked the battery, fuses and everything...
    Now that it starts (only yesterday, after push starting it a few times) it gets overheated really quickly, and I've got no idea why.

    Looking forward to meet with some other bikers to practice with, or more experienced bikers for some guidance.

  2. Hi there and welcome.

    Check out NSW rides.
    Paul (matchstick 01) organises great learner tours.
    One coming up on Sunday May 13th which will give you time to practice a bit.

    All welcome!



    Edit: correct date etc
  3. Welcome...
    You picked a tough first bike, although nice choice..
    U had experience with trail bikes as a kid?
    Anyway thanks for joining up, sure i'll meet u at some stage and get that overheating issue sorted out...
  4. Welcome dtroy. I can understand you not wanting to venture out too far yet, but I suspect that your bike troubles may be linked to your infrequent and tentative riding. Two strokes need to be revved, and ridden, and get grumpy and temperamental if they're not.

    See if you can get out of town and give it a good ride on come country roads, up and down the rev range and speed range, that should clear its head.
  5. Welcome dtroy

    Hope you have fun here and enjoy yourself

    see ya around the forums!
  6. hey dtroy, I am more than happy to ride it out of town for you and then you can take over on some more relaxing roads, or get yourself a mate who has a ute and get hime to drop you somewhere quiet, we don't want you losing confidence even before you get up and running! :biker:
  7. 2 strokes are designed for high revvs, so if you're keeping the revvs low the bike will be running poorly. I'd guess once you've got a bit more experience under your belt the bike will actually run alot better. Sucks to have a 2 stroke inner city though! If you're up for it we have a learner ride on the 27th, you should come.