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Hi my names Ed and I'm a bikeaholic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fhqwhgads, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Yes, it's true.

    I ignored the initial warning signs, itchy fingers, slumped posture, an aversion to ceilings... and now the irreversable damage has been done.

    It made me neglect my family and friends, causing disaster to my relationships and costing all my income to feed the reckless behaviour. But... it's bloody fun.

  2. welcome to the nuthouse :LOL:
  3. Great first post :LOL:.....Welcome to the asylum!!!
  4. Hi Ed *shuffles feet and then sits down on his chair*

    (I'm an addict too)

    Edit : Say, Ed are you addicted to all bikes or just Hondas? Nice list next to yer name there.
  5. My name is enforcer, it has been 3 days since my last ride.... :rofl: :LOL:
  6. :biker: Welcome

    Yep fun indeed. :grin:
  7. Yiasoo :)
  8. Wooo Hooo another Bruda.

    Welcome mate
  9. [all together] HI ED[/a]

    i feel your pain dooood
  10. Welcome and love the name mate....... Strong Bad would be so envious of oyur awesomeness!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Yep it sure is bloody good fun, just got back from my 1st netrider ride and had a ball. and all for the cost of $10 fuel and $8 lunch..... cheaper than other addictions!!
  11. yeah iv just got my licence and my friends are sick of me going on about my bike. every time i do anything with the bike everyone knows whether they want to or not :grin:
  12. +1

    Guilty your Honour :twisted:
  13. Did I spot 600F in your stable, sir???

    :woot: another horneteer, you're very welcome, just don't expect a cure, we refuse to take our medication here....
  14. And he rides a Spada too. :grin:

    medication??? i wasn't aware of such a thing Hornet?

    I thought a straight jacket was the best they could do :LOL:
  15. I'm still trying to figure out that name...

    But what's in a name? For all Honda's feel so sweet tween thy legs... mmm legs...

    I mean Paul you may have jumped the gun... is that CB_600F R? or non R?

    Oh yes welcome fhqwhgads a name possibly more annoying to type than my own. Thank god for ?+c and ?+v (that's ctrl+c and ctrl+v for the masses)
  16. Ahh yes, Honda have never led me astray (other than deviation of social responsibilities). I used to have an Across too but a friend made short work of it.

    Yessir there's a 600F in my garage, albeit a 600F4 which while related to the hornet has slightly different gearing and a fibreglass body. She was my main ride until last year when some gronk decided red traffic lights were only for decoration and I T-boned him. But feeling compassion towards such a lovely bike I revived her (albeit as a stat write-off) and put her to work on the race track. :)
  17. Hi Ed, welcome to our group. I'm a bikeaholic too.... ok I can't do this! I said to myself that today I would NOT ride (aweful weather), but I did anyway. I couldn't stop myself :shock:

    I need a hug :cry:
  18. fhqwhgads well done and welcome.
  19. Hi and welcome, its been about 5 hours now since my last ride :eek:hno: i dont think i can take it any longer :rofl:
  20. Hello Ed and welcome to MA. :)