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Hi, My Name Is Grrila, And I Ride A Motorcylce....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Grrila, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. My addicition started when I used to watch Wayne Gardner race 500cc's on TV as a kid....

    I've been a bit of a lurker on here for a few months now and have asked a couple of questions here and there without ever introducing myself... oops. Somehow not many people noticed!

    So a little about my short biking history....

    About May last year I decided to finally get off my butt and make my dream of getting a motorbike a reality. Booked myself in for QRIDE at Rockleigh and got my RE license the same weekend. I was pretty stoked as I had never sat on a bike in my life. Do a lot of road cycling and thats where my experience of two wheels ended prior to QRIDE. A couple of months went by and due to financial and work commitments I couldn't justify getting a bike just yet. I convinced my GF (now wife) to do a motorcycle trip across Vietnam... so now she had to get her license. Not a worry, second attempt she got it. First attempt I decided to do the course with her to brush up my skills (3rd time on a bike). Holiday booked and we booked in with our bike tour. Looked at buying the bikes ourselves and going on our own but the wife didn't like the idea of going it on our own and to be honest I'm glad we didn't cause our guide was freaking awesome and made a great friend out of him where we are all still in touch.

    Vietnam was awesome. We rode a couple scooters around Hue and Nha Trang but the main reason for our trip was the big ride. We hired a couple of XR250's and rode from Hanoi to Cao Bang (Chinese border) and back. approximately 1000km round trip. To say that trip was amazing is an understatement. Easily the best holiday I have ever done. EVER! Aboslutely recommend it to anybody to do it. If you can pass your motorbike exam you can ride Vietnam. The traffic looks daunting but it's all like flowing water. You quickly get your head around it. Pick a line and don't baulk. That's all you need to know.

    My first bike was a Yamaha Zeal that ended up having some fairly expensive problems in the end involving its carbs and a rusty tank. Luckily for me when these issues arrised I was ready to go for my R license and traded it in for my current bike a Kawasaki z750 2008. Still haven't rev'd it all the way out as it freaks me out when it hits 7k rpm and I can see my license going out the door quite quickly! I currently own a qucik car that matches this bike on spec for speed but its' certainly a different feeling on 2 wheels and no wind protection!

    [SIZE=3]Oh and before anybody asks, yes I am hot. I am sweating my nuts off in a demountable office in the Surat typing this greeting![/SIZE]
  2. now thats a intro
    pics missing but who cares your a bloke
  3. Welcome and enjoy the ride
  4. You're lucky. I had an epic post that I started typing and ended up shifting to Word and took 3 pages. I ended up writing a "brief" speal of where we had ridden through Vietnam. Pasted it into NR and then got a message saying I can't post over 10,000 characters... There went my morning!
  5. Good story, more people should follow your lead its great fun travelling and would be even better on a bike, which sadly in all my travels around the world, I have never done.
    Welcome aboard.
  6. Definitely recommend it. i was inspired by my old boss who rode through India with his mate. I would like to try and make a point of it when i go overseas that each time i take at least a week as part of the trip to tour around on a bike. I've already been invited to do South America with my old boss but i'm a tad worried about the security side of things and rolling into a drug cartel town by accident!
  7. That'd make an interesting holiday, at least! Welcome mate.