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Hi Melbournians

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by krapski, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Hey there, I've probably committed a cardinal sin posting a for sale ad prior to introducing myself, so let me work backwards here.

    Hi! I'm a relatively new rider that's relatively new to Melbourne.

    I've been here two months; been riding since September 2012.

    Had a fairly interesting riding history, I guess. Started on a CBR250R, so nothing strange there. Within a year I'd put on about 25,000km on my first bike and made a deal with a stranger I'd met on the internet to swap access to their bike garage for a couple of painted helmets.

    Cue 8,000 miles around the western and central United States on a streetfightered out GSX-R 750; some track day action; time on various litrebikes and, uh, well, some fairly spirited travels through various American national parks.

    I'm back in Australia now - just about to finish my Ps - and the proud owner of a particularly schizophrenic SV1000S that I'm tinkering with in my garage until I can ride it legally. Handlebar kit and ventura rack? Sure, that sounds practical. Power commander, after market exhaust and dyno tune? Yeah, slightly less so.

    I'm here to buy and sell things, obviously, but I'd also like to get in touch with people that are interested in doing maintenance work on their bikes together. I've found group maintenance days really rewarding in the States, and I'm keen to get in on that action and skill-swap here.

    I also paint helmets from time to time, so there's that. I'm really more of a cartoonist than a fine artist, but if anyone wants to swap art for service know-how let me know.
  2. Welcome, Consider yourself chastised for the effrontery of your heinous deeds. ;) Post up some examples of your cartoon work, you may get some takers. See you out there.
  3. Welcome, o multi talented one :)
  4. welcome mate interested to se some pics
  5. Thanks guys. Working on a lid at the moment - I'll post pics when I'm done.
  7. welcome, if you DO have wheels theres the choccy ride tomorrow heading to daylesford if you wanna meet of the folks
  8. Hii and welcome back to the land down under :)
  9. @-Bee-@-Bee- Just saw this, so I guess I miss out. Next time.

    As for helmets, here's a couple of the ones I've drawn on recently.



    Attached Files:

  10. Nice work Krapski!

    Do you airbrush or paint? Gloss layer overlay? How exy?($)?
  11. G'day and welcome back!.. Awesome work mate.
  12. Hey GeorgeO,

    Scuff back the original clear coat, mask all the intakes, paint/draw with non-reactive markers, apply new clear coat.

    I've tried costing these before, but honestly, I'm pretty flexible price-wise and don't want to set a price until I'm consistently wowed by my own work.

    If you're interested let me know what you're after and we'll go from there depending on degree of difficulty / how busy I am / whatever else. If you're handy with a spanner, I'll do one up for you in exchange for maintenance know-how.
  13. Is this thread only open to Melbournians ? What happened to the rest of your map ?
    Hello anyway.