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Hi... looking to buy my first bike :) (Update: Bought it!!)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by K a r e n, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Hi NetRiders,

    I'm new here... just got my Ls 2 weeks ago, and now looking to buy my first bike. I have my heart set on a Kawasaki ZR250 Balius. Too bad there's not many of these around in Melbourne. If you hear of anyone who wants to sell, please let me know. Thanks... :)

  2. W e l c o m e K a r e n :LOL:
  3. Well hi there
  4. Well hi there
  5. Well hi there
  6. Hi Karen, welcome to NR. Congrats on getting your L's :)

    Danielle on NR has a Balius, but not for sale. You could share notes though :cool:

    I'm pretty sure I saw a Balius for sale in Vic on Bikesales today. Might be worth having a look there. Good luck and have fun :grin:
  7. Fuzzy - I've been speaking to Danielle and even sat on her bike! :LOL:

    I think i've found THE ONE. It's a 1998 Balius, silver in colour, mileage is at 35000km, 12 months rego left on it, selling for $4000. Is this worth it?? Will try to organise an inspection sometime soon, and if all goes well, i'll be riding soon. Wooooooooooooot.

    Vapourlock - Nudge Back :p I'll see you on the road soon :wink:
  8. Welcome [​IMG]
  9. Congratulations01.
    on getting your Ls!

    I've only heard good things about the Balius. I'm sure you'd learn well on one of those.

    Oh, and welcome to NR :)
  10. Hi Karen,

    Congrats on your L's, you're in for a great time!!

    If u haven't already bought the Balius, did u consider the VTR 250?
    The little V-twin that doesn't need the ring revved out of it to go anywhere? Unlike those in-line fours.

    Just something to consider???
  11. Welcome!
    I had a mate with a balius, he smashed it :(
    But seriously, A grouse little bike, rode well and did all the right things!
    He got it for a song too (can't remember how much) but compared to what was about at the time it was REALLY good, so just keep your eyes open, i'm sure the nice peoples here will do the same, Cheers.
  12. Yay!! I bought a Balius!!! \:D/ It got dropped off at my place yesterday after work. I wasn't confident enough to ride it up to level 2 of the carpark at my apartments, so i got the seller to ride it up for me, and i've been riding around the carpark last night. Lucky i didn't crash into any of the parked cars :grin:

    This has got to be the longest 8 hours of my life :p I can't wait to get out of work today at 5pm. I'm going to jump straight on the bike and go out to the parking areas outside. There's heaps of empty parking areas at Docklands that i could practice around in. It's going to be an AWEsome weekend!! Weeeeeeeeeeee :biker:

    Only problem is, fuel is running low and i'm not confident enough to ride to the nearest servo. Bummer. :?
  13. Very niiiiiiiiiiice!

  14. Yay for you, Karen :grin: :cool: It must be so exciting knowing there's a bike sitting in the carpark and it's all yours.

    What colour did you end up with? The silver?

    Post some pics in the garage so we can all 'ooh' and 'aah'. Have fun :)
  15. Congrats! You'll love the bike! Hip Hooray!
    Just go buy a 5 or 10 litre jerry can from the servo, fill it up at home! Don't do anything you're not confident/comfortable with!
    Good Luck!
  16. Congrats on your purchase!
    I like znark900's idea of the jerry can :wink:

    When you venture out onto the roads for the 1st time, it can be a big help to have someone behind you to keep the traffic off. Doesn't matter if it's bike or car.
  17. Congrats on the bike! Hope you got lots of riding on it soon.

    It's another bike I should put on my shopping list (along with VTR250 and CB250 etc).

    I hope I will get to experience the same kind of joy and excitement soon:)

  18. And just while we're blowin' wind up each others skirts (ahem.....)
    Good suggestion by Pinkxie there too, people REALLY dont's give enough space to learners on the roads, they just don't understand how intimidating it can be having a 3 ton death machine driven by a half blind 98 year old close enough to buff the windshield with your arse :p
    Carry a bag of spark plugs to resolve said situation....
  19. Hello and congrats.. :grin: