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Hi-Level LED Brake Light

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by alan55, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. A few weeks ago and unknown to me, my partner Heather bought a 32 LED third brake light for my bike.

    It arrived yesterday and so I had another project to do. After several try out locations I opted for on top of and to the rear of the top case lid and marked the points.

    How do I mount this? The supplied double sided tape certainly would not be enough so I searched the supply of collected nuts, bolts and other stuff that somehow gets collected over time. Found two bolts and a couple nylock nuts to suit so that issue solved. The drill size sorted but I hadn't used the drill for a little while.......it worked but could be better, it'll do.

    Found some extra wire that matched what came with the brake light and then I had to find a suitable wiring route. This will be covered with black cloth tape to protect it until I find a better solution.


    The point of no return.......Once the first hole in the top case is drilled the job must be completed. Two holes done, sit the brake light on the top case and drilled into the mount from underneath on both sides. Bolts and buts on and tightened. I left the double sided tape on as a washer and to hopefully prevent water seeping into the top case.

    Does it work? ...... Bit late to ask that once it's mounted, of course it'll work. Back inside to the PC and checked the wiring diagram.....green/yellow is the brake light wire so pulled the connector apart behind the tail lights and shoved the wire in there and earthed the other wire.......yep, it works.

    My soldering skills aren't the best so I left the wire in the connector and I'll get it done next time I visit one of my friends in Adelaide who does all this stuff with their model railways. I secured the earth wire at one of bolting points under the seat, made it all look neat and tidy and replaced the seat.

    Yes and still works...lol......One more night time photo to add.


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    Run the wires through the top box, have a connector wired in to allow removal and use black silicone to seal the drilled holes otherwise looks the goods :)
  3. This one shows the bolting point....same for each side.

    After drilling hole in case from the top, I mounted the light, held it firm and drilled from inside of the lid while it was open.


    Before and after night shots......


  4. That's the plan but haven't got all the gear to do it yet. I was lucky to find what I had at home just to mount it. Waterproofing the extra holes for the wires was my main concern.

    Connector for removal is a good idea but the case hasn't been off since I put it on 4 years ago.
  5. I like the look Alan. Nice and visable from the back.

    Can I ask how you like your Rjays top box? I'm not to far off buying a bike and will need one for my commute. Do the Rjays stack up against the more expensive brands?
  6. I bought it in 2005 for my CX500 which had a Gearsack rack fitted but the vertical frame had been cut off so I couldn't use the bag I had had from a previous bike.

    In May 2006 the ST1100A came into my hands and I put the CX on E-Bay, sold it minus the top case.

    In July 2009 I found a new OEM rack for the 1100 and mounted the top case to it. Been there ever since.

    The case, as old as it still works. It holds our on hand items whenever we go on tour with the trailer. Most of the time I just toss the shopping in it and keep my helmet in it when the bikes at home.

    Considering the price of an ST1100 OEM top case this one is well good value. I wouldn't hesitate in replacing it with the same one if I needed to.


    I think there is a Besteem that's similar

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  7. Looks great heaps more visibility every bit helps, pat yourself on the back a job well done.