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hi let me introduce myself.... New QLD Rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ducati_davidson, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. I've been reading this site for the last couple of months now, doing some insensive resarching on my first bike choice so i thought it was time to share my story

    I completed my Q-Ride course through TeamMoto honda in springwood on a VTR 250 (cool bike)
    (Really good people frendly and heaps of information)
    I Recieved my RE 250 restricted licence

    I took on everybody's advice and looked around heaps and test rode the following bikes
    *CBR 250 RR - sore wrists after riding, have to ring it's neck everywhere
    *ZXR 250 - Much like the CBR but starting to show it's age (91 model ridden)
    *ZZR 250 - much nicer riding position but gutless asmatic engine
    I didn't bother riding the Ninja or the GPX as they run the same drivetrain as the ZZR apparently
    *Accross 250 - nice riding position, nice ratios (6sp) for hiway commuting, not bad motor but there getting old and the one i rode felt quite clapped out
    *VTR 250 - Great riding position, big mirrors, punchy low end and midrange, cool naked looks sweet sounding V-Twin, but expensive and hard to find in QLD

    Well monday was the last day of my holidays and i decided to spend it window shopping for bikes and gear with the wife,
    we'd gone from nerang to bowen hills stopping at the stores on the way, comparing prices and comparing different rides of bikes.

    On our way home we spotted a TeamMoto Yamaha, Moorooka and decided to have a look.

    There was a 2005 Red VTR 250 Honda 35K on the clock with a chrome yoshi pipe, black crash knobs and braided brake lines.
    I suited up and took this for a ride and holy crap the thumping note that came out of this bike was unbelievable !!!!! i was in love, And the difference in throttle response and power was chalk and cheese compared to the riding school's Std VTR's, Seat of the pants feel it even felt like it left the CBR 250 RR for dead..

    After the test ride, my wife could see i had a smile wider that my helmet could contain :)D Xelevntybillion) i think she knew our bank balance was in trouble :LOL: .

    So we went in to talk and after some extensive haggling i'll have it sitting in my driveway this sataurday (1st march) WOW MY FIRST BIKE !!!

    i ended up getting it for $6600 with the following
    *seat re-covered
    *oil change
    * 6-months rego
    * 3-month warranty
    * a wash

    i'll put some photo's up on the wkend so you can check it out
  2. That's amazing! Absolutely amazing! I can't believe it.

    Your wife actually let you buy a bike AND went shopping with you to buy gear. :LOL:

    Nah, sounds like you did all the right things and got the bike you wanted.

    Have fun riding it. good for you.
  3. I KNOW !!!!

    Looks like she's worth keeping (the wife that is) lol

    She's been a really good sport about it all, I'm sure she's getting tired of my motorbike ramblings by now :LOL:
  4. She's planning something :p

    Good find. If you find yourself up on the sunny coast... :D
  5. Wow! Well done, few kms but for the year model thats a good price! The red ones look heaps good.

    I too have a VTR250, and in Brissy, I can feel a 'VTR just got our licence' ride coming on!
  6. Grats on the bike, I have a mate looking for one of these as well. Not my kinda bike, but I can appreciate beauty anyway ;)

    Im a Ninja rider from Northside Bris, if you are interested in a cruise, shoot me a message!
  7. haha

    i see soooo many ninjas now. everywhere you go, you see atleast 3 new baby ninjas :p
  8. i couldn't believe it... there was a 4 wk waiting list for 250 ninja's at springwood team moto, there certanly popular
  9. Well i finally picked it up today and i'm absolutely stoked !!!!!
    Yoshi pipe is REALLY loud.... i'll get used to it only done 60kms so far
    but i'm off for a big ride out the back of tamborine and springbrook so the bike and i can get better acquainted.

    Wilst i was waiting to pick up my bike i grabbed some good riding gear.
    I got some low cut Alpinestars boots and some hornee Kevlar cargo pants

    I already had a textiles jacket and armored leather gloves, but now i feel better knowing i'm better protected in the correct gear ;)
  10. Welcome Aboard!

    A good read .. made me smile :)
    THIS is the stuff of which life is made
  11. Cheers mate, I'm totally wrapped !!!!!
  12. I caught up with some frends for an early morning brekfast ride for some twisties practice,

    We started at the bearded dragon at the base of Mt Tamborine, rode thru tamborine to cungara for breakfast, Then we rode to natural arch, binnaburra, back to cungara then back to beenleigh.

    220km in total, i couldn't of thought of a better way to get aquainted with my new baby.

    Just from a day of constant twisties i've noticed my cornering becoming much smoother already :cool:
  13. Great way to spend a Sunday morning.
    Your bike looks amazing well done.
    I'm hoping to get a VTR as well and if I'm lucky I'll find a nice yellow one when the time comes to buy which hopefully will be May-July this year.
  14. A good read,
    Im from Bris as well keen on getting a bike, im doing my Q-Ride on Tuesday.

    Been looking through bikes and the ones that strike me solid are these VTR's and the 250 Hornets'. Just got to get past the old man now ^^ Such a hardarse when it comes to bikes.

    Beautiful bike you have there, and a good price. Good luck with it!
  15. Congratulations! Another member of the VTR club... these bikes are awesome.
  16. Welcome to Netrider, and riding :).