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Hi! Learner + Kwaka ER5 = me!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by choonga, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Hey all!

    My name is Matt... nickname, Choonga. 24 years old and live in Glen Waverley, VIC. Got my Learners Permit about 2 months ago through Ridetek at sandown. Probably book my Probationary license test in asap as well.

    Just checked out a 2005 Kawasaki ER5/ER-5/ER500 yesterday and am going back next saturday to pick it up! Exciting times! Looking to get a louder exhaust/muffler put on. Because the ER5 doesn't seem to be a very popular bike over here in Oz. I can't seem to find many bolt on options. I've heard about Megacycle in Keysborough for custom work. Does anyone else know any other places? What price should i be looking at?

    Once i'm off my restrictions i'm lookin to either upgrade to a HD Iron 883 or maybe a nice sports bike... see how we go!

  2. welcome in Matty, and welcome to your new life of riding, u will love it, enjoy the site
  3. hahahah fat arse

    fixed that gearbox in the magna yet

    you on an 883 = gorrila riding a trike in the circus

    i had one, get a more substantial bike
  4. thanks for the well wishes mate!

    haha.. this guy. magna gearbox fixed? yup! I now have a 370z. Much nicer to drive.
  5. Hi and welcome to NR.
  6. Hi Choonge

    Welecome, and remember, any bike is a huge improvement over no bike. So even a postie bike with a basket qualifies here - just.

    ....a 370z.... Well, it is a slight improvement over a Magna with a stuffed gearbox. =D>

    Enjoy the riding and stay upright.